Monday, December 20, 2010

Studio Time: One

Timing matters...

South Beach: 10:00 PM - #10 Coast Road


Blade waited for her half an hour after he arrived at Stanfield's place on the Coast Road, waited in a high white foyer hung with paintings of the man himself, and why the hell did she have them still hanging up there, while their little girl ran around and one of their teenage sons watched him, guarded and narrow eyed, a boy who was definitely Cooper's kid right down to the attitude. Did any of those kids spend more than a day a month, a day in three months with him?

She was late. He'd begun to think she was backing out, again. He had had enough of it; he was going to push it hard tonight. Rob's place was a good neutral setting. Cooper looked down at him from the massive wall wide painting, a warning, a threat he was beginning to take seriously. Not tonight, he thought, meeting that gaze across the room, you're not getting in my way tonight.

South Beach: 9:24 PM - #140 West Marina Drive

Shooter watched as Mackenna and Lily walked toward the bathroom together. He knew girls had some kind of unwritten rule that they went en masse to the restroom but it seemed a little weird in someone’s home. On the other hand, they were here with a rock band, drinking and partying. Shooter figured that might warrant some excited discussion in the privacy of the bathroom. He and Mackenna had instantly made a connection. She was laid back, shared similar interests and laughed at his stupid jokes.
He turned his attention to Duff leaning against the pool table and watching the girls with interest, a little too much interest for Shooter’s comfort. Shooter walked toward him.

“Hey man, you want to back off with Mac?”
Duff shifted his dark eyes toward Shooter before sliding them back toward Mackenna, allowing them to rake her body and linger on her ass for longer than Shooter liked.

In his typically smooth tone Duff replied, “Your inability to keep a woman interested is not my problem. Perhaps she's not that impressed with your boogie board.”
“Yeah? I don't see Lily crawling all over your ass. Wasn't she your sure thing? Maybe you should go beat off while looking at some girl in a picture.”

Shooter caught the flash of anger in Duff’s expression before he masked it again behind idle boredom. He’d struck a nerve, found a crack in the facade.

South Beach: 1:27 AM - #142 West Marina Drive

Blade eased past the large piano, a few barefoot strides from his bed across a room he didn't yet feel was his. He'd never lived in a house that felt like his own. The wall of glass faced the beach, lights from tall city buildings winked, sparkled, reflecting in the water, rising and falling and falling again, light in the water, light moving with the gentle swell. An unfamiliar vista. It was his house, and it was his view, and it was a good one. And it was one Beth had insisted he consider, leave the one he thought he wanted, try this one. She'd been right. She knew him.
His body was still warm having just risen from his bed. Stretching languidly he leaned against the grand piano and thought about Beth; their argument was still fresh in his mind. Blade wanted her more than he had wanted another woman in a very long time. He’d been patient with her not wanting to push it until her wounds had healed. But she had always been on the brink of letting go, of letting him in, until something, whether it was guilt, fear or her obsession with Cooper, pulled her back and she pushed him away. He’d said things he wished he could take back but the truth was he was tired of waiting. Either she wanted him or she cut him loose.

A soft sigh of sheets drew his attention. He smiled as he watched her shift under them. Blade carefully climbed into bed his weight causing the mattress to give under him. The blankets draped provocatively over her curves and as she stirred slightly, her lips curved into a half smile.
“Mmm, I thought you were getting us something to eat; I’m hungry.”

Blade playfully nipped at her ear allowing his eyes to slowly roam over her curves as he pulled the blankets aside. “I’m hungry too sweetness but it isn’t food I’m interested in right now, it’s you.”

South Beach: 9:52 PM - #140 West Marina Drive

"You've met Duff and Shooter, and you know Rob."

Blade kept her close as they walked into Rob's house, plant world, picky plant world. Rob didn't throw parties here unless he felt like he had to do it, got sideways about people screwing with his place. Beth felt easy against him, calm and relaxed, her arm tucked into his, and they'd gotten into it in the car after he'd parked, coming up into him, giving him her mouth and taking his, her hand down between his legs. He'd had trouble getting out of the car, and smiled down at her now.

"You know the deal with the women; Rob's girl Sydney is a friend, looks after his dog, the rest of them you can blow off."
Syd strolled past the trees and ferns and rocks, smiling, holding out her hands, dressed to fucking kill as usual, everything hanging out. Even before she greeted them, she checked the room, looking for something somebody spilled, something somebody knocked over. Rob's perfect woman, except for the fact that she was married and showed up when she pleased and didn't when she didn't please.

"Alex, you're late, we missed you, and you missed all the fireworks."
Somebody upstairs shrieked, giggled, and Sydney briefly cast her cool pale gaze up past the trees toward the upper loft, smiled, and looked back at them.

"Duff and Shooter and company. Or maybe Charlotte bit someone. You must be Beth Stanfield, and please don't worry about Charlotte, she really does not bite."

South Beach: 11:48 PM - #140 West Marina Drive

"Sydney." Looking out, looking down, one long clear view to the western shore of Bay View, the boats and the marina, water and wood and rock, somebody's boat tied up to the dock next door always knocking around, banging up onto shore, sailor next door running out hauling it up and dumping it back and looking right up into his windows.

He thought it would be private here. It wasn't private. He should move again. She sat down on the side of his bed after looking not at him but down at the pool. He loved her. He thought he loved her. He thought she loved him. She understood him. It was close enough.
"You said you wanted me to distract him. I need to do that now, can you keep Duff and Shooter from impaling one another while I take care of it?"
Looking down at Alex, with another woman who would fuck it up again, there would always be another one. Rob watched them. Hopeless. Screw it. "No."

South Beach: 3:47 AM - #142 West Marina Drive

The incessant purring of his cell phone slowly pulled Blade from a deep, dreamless sleep. He was relaxed, his body nearly boneless from marathon sex, his arm limp and dangling over the side of the bed. Reaching for the phone laying on the floor next to the bed he willed his eyes to open and focus on the caller ID. Groping for the cell several times he finally managed to find and wrap his long fingers around it.
Blade sat up tapping the screen as he rose and putting it to his ear. Still groggy he spoke into the cell his voice rasping, rough with sleep.

“’s late...or everything all right?”

He hadn’t expected to hear from her particularly not at this hour. What time was it anyway? Pulling his body off the bed he walked past the bathroom and towards the bar listening to her soft voice, hesitant, uncertain as she spoke.

“Look I’m sorry about the things I, I’m not sorry about what I said, just the way I said it. I meant it though Beth. I want you and I want more than dinner and a movie; I think you do too if you’ll just give it a fair chance.”
He listened to her talk, gave her time, didn’t interrupt. Beth didn’t say anything he hadn’t already known or guessed at. She was having trouble with all of it, didn’t know how to let go. Blade let her go on hoping that speaking the words could convince her more and more that she was ready to move on. Her voice sounded weary; she must have been up all night.

“Beth, I’ll help you let go, let me do that for you.”
“Really...I’m not dreaming right?” Blade smiled. He needed to stop talking before she changed her mind.

“Listen, get some sleep. I’ll call you tomorrow afternoon and we can talk...just talk okay?” He hesitated and drew a breath. The RMAs...he’d ask her...tomorrow.

“You’ve made me really happy Beth; I intend to return the favor.”

South Beach: 11:59 PM - #140 West Marina Drive

Blade pulled Beth into a secluded corner near the pool, pressing her gently against the wall. Muted sounds from the rest of the guests confirmed they were out there alone. Sliding his hand along her side Blade cupped her breast while the other hand grazed her bare thigh as he slowly lifted the hem of her dress.

Beth pulled him tight against her body, rocking her hips up into his, sliding her hands down his back, slipping them down into his jeans, finding skin, raking gently with her nails, her breath coming hard and then gasping, tried to push him away.
“What's wrong...shhh...hey come here, nobody's watching, trust me.”

Taking her hardened nipple between his fingers Blade squeezed and twisted it, eliciting another gasp as he fumbled to unbutton his jeans and free his erection.
She leaned into him, reaching down, silking her fingers over him, a light skilled exploration, closing, tightening, both of them moving with it now finding the rhythm breathing into the heat, before she abruptly turned her face away, shuddering, pulling back.

“Oh can't, I can't do this someone might see us...”
Keeping his stance in front of her, struggling with a raging hard-on, not allowing her to move, Blade glared down at her and fought for control, controlling his voice, keeping it low, keeping it even.

“This isn't about anybody watching us. You're doing the same damned thing you always do, you take it so far then you fucking shut down on me. Beth, I'm tired of this. What the hell do you think you're doing?”
"You don't understand, I can't do something like that to him again, I have to get out of here!" Beth shoved him hard, pushing back and using strength he hadn't known she had, determined and unexpected.

Moving in tight, Blade placed his hands on either side of her, trapping her against the wall. “No you don't...stop, stop NOW. Listen to me, are you listening to me?”
“Let go of me.” Beth’s eyes narrowed as she glared at him, breathing heavily from both anger and the heat that had been between them moments ago.

Throwing his hands in the air in frustration Blade moved back. “I'll let go. You want to know why? You're chasing a man who doesn't want a goddamned thing to do with you, you've got his damned pictures on your walls, you're doing everything but camping outside his house, and maybe you're doing that too. You know what you are? You're nothing but an obsessed woman stalking a fucking rock star. Hell no I don't want to hold onto you!”
Beth final argument shot

South Beach: 3:51 AM - #142 West Marina Drive

“She sounds very special.”

Blade pressed the off button, moved toward the bedroom and the woman standing outside it, Danica, his third wife.
They’d been married a year before it fell apart. Out of all his ex-wives only Danica had remained on friendly terms with him. To be truthful it had been more than friendly considering what they had spent the better part of the night doing. Sex had never been a problem between them and they would meet occasionally, no strings, just mind-blowing sex.

“She is special.”
Danica moved toward him, taking his hand and pulling him down onto the rug. “Oh Alex...I’m happy for you. I do hope you’ll be careful; you lose your heart so easily.” She rested her head on his shoulder as her delicate fingers wove into his. “You mean so much to me still. I shouldn't tell you but I’ve always hoped we could...”

“Dani, don’t. You know I can’t give you what you want.”
She rose, shifted her position until her slender legs straddled his, her hands gliding along his chest until they rested on his broad shoulders. Aroused, Blade instinctively wrapped his hands around her waist pulling her toward him. “Dani...”
“Shh, don’t talk Alex. Just kiss me...”


  1. Hmmm... I'm guessing Blade can't have kids? I can't imagine that in itself would bother him much on its own--he seems like the type who could take it or leave it in that regard--but he's such a romantic that I imagine it would devastate him to know he couldn't give the woman he loved a baby if she wanted one. Maybe that's part of the appeal of Beth to him--she already has a bunch of kids and probably doesn't want any more?

    Interesting start here, for sure. I'm just about to turn in for the night, but I'll have to remember to add this to my blogroll in the morning :)

  2. I love the concept of seeing different parts of the same night out of order; really had me in suspense trying to figure out just who the hell was in that bed with Blade. Now that I know I'm surprised that it wasn't Sydney. It seems like she and Rob are plotting something and they seem to have a very unconventional relationship btw.

    The scene with Beth and Blade was done so perfectly. His desire and frustration. Her fear of letting go. All of if was so real and very reminiscent of how she and Cooper first got together.

    This is a great introduction to the band members, little pieces of their personalities and ways that they interact with each other. I feel like we're gearing up for one hell of ride this time. Can't wait!!

  3. OMG, this was F***** beautiful.

    That scene between Beth and Blade was jaw dropping. I could feel his hard on. Damn, that didn't come out right. What I meant is, the sexual tension between them just jumped from the screen. If and when it happens between them, I bet it's going to be earth shattering. But that's a big IF, since Beth can't let go of Cooper. I was hoping we'd get to see him too, and how he's been handling the breakup of his marriage.

    I sense a lot of underlying resentment between Duff and Shooter. Wonder what the story is there?

    Danica's one understanding woman. I don't know if I could still put out for a man who's clearly in love with someone else.

    Great, intriguing start, and I loved the time switches, and the different POVs.

  4. Responding for Gayl, who did all the work!

    Van: Blade could have kids if he wanted them (note the package of condoms on the floor next to the bed..). He has pretty strong feelings about having children when he can't be around them. We hope including Danica's profile mosaic hinted that his position on children probably ended their marriage.

    Muzegoddess: Figuring out Rob and Sydney was and remains hard. She's an FWB, but a very important one to him. I feel like we should have included one more scene in the middle of all this, but Gayl's computer is gasping and mine isn't much better.

    Val: Yeah! We wanted to push the sexual tension so we both hope it came across! We'll get to Duff and Shooter - some of that resentment is basic personality conflicts. Poor Danica...well he married someone else after her, and she keeps coming back for more.

    Thank you to everyone. This was a particularly rocky start for both of us. Everything including the blog blew up at least once. We had at least one more scene we wanted to shoot but it just was not possible. We both hope things go more smoothly in the future.

  5. Oh heck...and I was trying so hard to respond...I'm at work and it is surprisingly busy but I promise I will respond when I have a moment.

    Thank you Beth for taking the wheel and thanks to all of you who commented.

  6. Great introduction to the new band, seeing how they interact with each other gives some fantastic insight into their personalities and motivations and definitely leaves me hungry for more - Duff and Shooter sniping at each other, Rob's resigned acceptance that there would always be another woman in Blade's life who would screw it up, so why bother distracting this one?

    I felt sorry for Blade, he obviously has deeper feelings for Beth than I previously thought and despite his fight with her he obviously won't (can't?) let it go, any more than she seems to be able to let go of Cooper.

    "I can't do something like that to him again" - that pretty much says everything about where her head is.

    I'm excited for both of you for where this is headed and am looking forward to the journey.

  7. I don't know how to feel about Blade now! A part of me really, REALLY likes him but another part, equal in size, wants things to work out with Cooper. Beth does need to let go in a way. Just enough to know when enough is enough. To know just how much she is willing to allow her heart to go through for love.

    What can't he give her? That I am curious of and have a feeling I won't like the answer.

    Rob, too fine of a man to be an option.

    More than ever, I am anxious to see what happens next with these too!

  8. I agree, wonderful introduction to all of these new characters. I'm very excited to learn more about them as we go along.

    So Danica wanted children and a stable family life and Blade couldn't/wouldn't (because I guess it's kind of both, seeing he physically could but didn't think it was right to, given his lifestyle) give that to her? Oh, that is sad! I guess she sort of has something in common with Beth there, given that she doesn't seem to be able to let Blade go either. Although seeing they still hook up, maybe he doesn't want her to, at least not completely?

    The scene between Beth and Blade was amazing, especially this part:

    You'd know what was happening even without the words. Your pictures are always so perfect.

  9. I'm sure when Gayl gets off work she'll have something of her own to say, but I'm going to fill in a little more.

    Illandrya, yes: "I can do something like that to him again" not only pretty much describes her emotional state, but it infuriated Blade. He's not in love with Beth, but he obviously falls in love very easily, and he's not used to be treated like second best. He has a large ego.

    We were able to identify Duff and Shooter and their relationship without much trouble. Rob is still sort of a mystery. He's resigned, but he's resentful.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read and leave us a comment!

  10. Hi Qui!

    I really really like Blade too. He's charming and smart and good looking and sexy, and he has a grand piano in his bedroom LOL! Beth does need to learn how to let go. She doesn't have working limits. She thinks she does, but simply telling Cooper to leave doesn't mean she's separated emotionally. That has not happened. But that's always the hard part.

    A big clue to what he cannot give Danica can be found in her mosaic which Gayl created and linked at the bottom of the post.

    Rob has his own issues. He's involved with a married woman, and it is a serious relationship however odd it may be.

    Thank you so much from both of us!

  11. Carla, that's right. Dani wanted children and a normal family life. Blade does not feel it's right to have children and not be able to see them frequently or raise them in a stable situation. He doesn't dislike children: probably just the opposite. And there is a parallel between Dani and Beth, although in Beth's case, Cooper was very reluctant to let go. Blade moved on.

    Thank you so much for the compliments on the scene and the photos! We had such a difficult time making it all work: we were up most of the night struggling with everything. I love that particular shot too!

  12. Thanks first of all for leaving such wonderful comments. I am going to attempt touch touch on a few points without duplicating Beth's replies.

    Van: Blade can have children but he does not want to be an absentee father to them. He's seen what happens to families in that situation, he came from a divorced family and it heavily influenced that belief.

    Muzegoddess: I am glad the sequence worked for you! We did have one other scene but we just could not make it work (shooting it, not the scene itself). Concealing the identity was a primary goal to keep you guessing! Thinking back on the first time Coop and Beth got together and you are right. She was extremely cautious and guarded her heart as fiercely then as she is now although the motivation is different. Yes, hopefully the ride will be worth it!

    Valpre: We really wanted to push the envelope with this piece. The attraction with Blade and Beth is very strong although it isn't love on either side right now but her deep attachment to Cooper and the belief that if she doesn't make the same mistakes then perhaps it will atone for the ones she feels she made is also strong. We will definitely touch on the relationships with the band Flight as well as include some background on Danica perhaps. Her mosaic is very representative of who she is and in fact, viewing Blade's bio offers insight as well. At some point we may add some profile information on Dani if she becomes more central.

    Illandrya: Blade feels things deeply and does fall in love easily but at this point I think he is frustrated and definitely not used to getting shut down this hard. He would like to give the relationship a try but he isn't going to wait forever. One of the reasons this piece is as long as it is was because we wanted to establish the characters and build on that. Rob in particular was the cornerstone of the band in that he keeps things together, almost manipulates each man so they are where they need to be. He micro-manages. He is controlling. And even though he isn't "distracting this one" he will not let her stand in the way of the prize. Just not that night.

    Qui: Blade is one sexy man, how can you not like him! LOL! Again, a little background on Blade and Dani...she wanted a child, he does not. So can't as in won't. Even if they both loved each other, and I believe that in some ways that love may still be there, she wants a child and he does not.

    Carla: We are looking forward to digging deeper and peeling back the layers but I will confess I miss having Cooper front and center. Not that he will allow that for very long! You are spot on about Danica and Blade as well as Blade and Beth. And I second your feelings about Beth's shots...superb to the last detail.

    Again thank you all so much for supporting us, offering feedback. We appreciate it so much!

  13. Hmm...blogger threw an error when I posted my comment and yet there it is...hopefully all my responses are present and accounted for...

  14. Oh my, I feel so bad for Beth. The look on her face in that last picture was just gutting :( I'm very curious to know what Cooper is up to in all of this. I wonder if maybe she needed to hear what Blade had to say.

    Danica is fascinating! I love her mosaic! Oh, but that's sketchy that it's only the baby thing that was off between them, because otherwise they seem to really get on well. The first thing I thought was the same as Carla, there's still some feelings there. Some day he might be in a better position to have children, and where would that put them then?

    The shots were amazing in this! Perfect!

  15. Laura: It was a very gutting moment. I don't think Beth expected a reaction like that at all but it clearly gave her pause to think. We will be getting to what Cooper has been up to soon.

    I am glad you liked Danica's mosaic. I'd considered writing her profile but I'm not sure it is relevant at this point. Maybe if we weave her more into the story it will be an option.

    Thanks so much!

  16. Hmmmm. So it's not a matter of "can't" but "won't"? That is VERY interesting!

    I loved her mosaic. She reminds me of myself in some ways. I hope she get's that one wish.

  17. Qui, yes it is a matter of won't instead of can't, but his feelings are so strong, it it almost a can't.

    Maybe she will get it. She seems like a lovely person, although she'll have to cut out the EWWB role if Blade gets into a serious relationship...

  18. Wow. This was an amazing kick off. Now this is how you start a new blog!

    I don't have anything to add unfortunately coming by so late. I read it earlier, but that was when I was sick. It completely blew me away then which is not as easy a feat as it seems it should be.

    There are so many interesting new relationships here. And was I the only one who actually thought it was Beth in bed with him at first? lol!

    Also LMAO at Valpre feeling his hard on. That scene was steamy. Pictures and writing wise, it was simply amazing and packed with tension.

  19. Lunar, you have always been such a source of support. Please get well. Nothing here matters like your health.

    Gayl did make it difficult to figure out who was in bed with him, didn't she? And it was hard to make that work.

    Thank you so much from both of us!

  20. Lunar, thanks so much about the kick off. It is good to know that it worked!

    We do have a lot of interesting things developing and hopefully we'll keep it interesting.

  21. Aah! Wow!


    Ok, got that out. So much going on here, and all of it is exciting and crazy. I love this introduction to the band. We get a taste of their personalities. Rob's relationship with Sydney is fascinating...maybe I'm slow, but I wasn't sure who she was going to distract. I also wonder how she was going to distract this person! I can't wait to find out more about them.

    Blade is already off to a bad start with Beth. He seems to have the same attitude as Cooper ("If I don't get my way, I'll just go fuck someone else! Yeah!"). It will be interesting to see how that turns out. He completely misdescribed the situation between her and Cooper though--it isn't that Cooper doesn't want anything to do with her. It makes me think that he has the wrong perception of what went wrong in their relationship, in some important ways.

    Wonderful, exciting, explosive chapter! I can't wait for more!

  22. Rachel, thank you from both of us! We wanted to try something a little different and to push a couple of the scenes (well, one in particular).

    If the game had cooperated with us, we had an additional scene that would have made Rob and Syd's interaction a little clearer. She was supposed to be distracting Blade, and I think she'd do it any way she could. I like Rob and Sydney together; it's going to be fun to get into that relationship.

    Blade is a lot like Cooper (which is why Beth was attracted to him in the first place). He doesn't understand what went wrong in her relationship with Coop, and she's unlikely to explain it. Whether that's a good thing, a smart thing, or a dumb thing, it puts Blade at a disadvantage. He's making assumptions that are not true and doesn't understand either her motivation or her behavior as a result.

    Thank you so much!!!

  23. I am surprised Blade is sticking around, with Cooper's presence oozing from the walls and from all the kids running around. Beth is still firmly ensconced in Cooper. Very obvious. But, Blade does not seem stupid, I think he sees it.

    Nice intro to the new band, and the dynamics already in play.

    Blade is already, fascinating. A man married 4 times, he seems to love the idea of love, but I don't think he has experienced it deeply. I will be anxious to see if there is a woman out there that will capture his heart totally.

    Great intro ladies, to a new direction~

  24. Drew I think that Blade sees Beth as a challenge as well as a fascinating woman. I don't think he is in love but he sure has it bad. The fact that she is Cooper's wife partly motivates him although he would not have stuck around if that was his only motivation.

    If Blade ever got close enough to deeply loving, it would have been Danica. And you are spot on...he loves the idea of love, gets caught up in it, loses himself in it.

    Thank you so much from us both!

  25. I don't....oh my goodness!!

    This was stunning! At first I didn't get it was out of sequence but then when I did I was like OHHH this makes sense! Now I don't know if I want Blade for Beth now though. I mean, while you're trying to work one woman into bed you shouldn't be sleeping with another one. How would he feel if the tables were turned...although with Blade he might not care as long as it didn't happen AFTER! *taps chin*

    I've heard of a lot of relationships working where one party is married. I think that will definitely be a great relationship to look at. And just what are they up to?

    The shots are brilliant, this new storyline just sucks you in, and I can't wait for the next one. You guys are just amazing at what you do.

  26. You know, Phoenix, that's a good question. I don't know if Blade would care as long as he was the final answer to a woman's dream hehe...He has a very healthy ego. Apart from the whole question of whether the EWWB is a good thing, in some ways he's good for Beth. She's going to have to decide whether she can let go, whether she SHOULD let go.

    Rob and Sydney really interest me too. She's married. He doesn't seem to care. We're still figuring them out. I don't think they were planning anything in particular in this piece; we had to cut out another scene because our computer collapsed. Rob doesn't want Blade focusing on another woman and going off into his own world again; Syd is willing to distract him.

    THANK YOU!! It means so much to both of us that you enjoyed it!

  27. That was great. I could feel Blade's frustration with Beth. I suppose sometimes a person can only be so patient. However it's pretty understandable because Beth has been dealing with Cooper for so long and he's the father of children. Feelings like that don't just go away overnight. I am curious to know why she practically has a mural dedicated to him. The slow removal of memorable objects I can understand but the huge picture is a bit much.

    I'm very curious about Rob and Sydney myself. It seems like they might be scheming but are they really? Is there something more than sexual going on with these two? It was such a small snippet but it kept me questioning and completely intrigued. Good stuff!

  28. Hi Choco! Why does Beth have a huge mural dedicated to him? Her teenage sons would probably ask the same question. Artwork dedicated to and about Cooper hangs all over the house. She's not always easy to understand. Cooper may have dealt the marriage the final blow, but she blames herself for the first and ultimately fatal crack: her affair with Ryan. She loves the man. She wants to be near him. The giant mural has not come down.

    Rob and Syd fascinate me. We're going to be getting deeper into who they are, and I need to work up a profile for her. I don't think scheming is the right word, but Rob is frustrated with Blade's constant search for the next Mrs. Ferguson and the way he drops off the face of the earth when he thinks he's found her. Blade is a critical factor in the band's success, and that's Rob's professional life. If Rob could separate Blade from his latest crush, he would do it. Syd would help. Her offer of distraction was just that: she was willing to attempt to distract him. If that implies seduction, well the implication is correct.

    Thank you so much from both of us!

  29. Loving this new thread already guys! The houses and lots are all so gorgeous, the time you spent on them really shows, I love Blade's house especially!

    I loved the suspense about who he was in bed with! That was sooo well done even though it isn't ideal what he was doing, I loved the way it was written.

    You've added some more fascinating characters here, can't wait to explore them more, I love how deep you make each one, with their own fears, faults and little quirks.

    Well done ladies, looks like this will be a great addition to your other work, but I didn't expect much else! :)

  30. Emily, thank you! I really loved working on both houses.

    Gayl set up the Blade in bed scene and kept the suspense going. We weren't sure skipping around in time was going to work.

    We're learning who these guys are, too. It's exciting for us so it's wonderful to know you're enjoying it!

  31. Just read the first chapter of this. So much drama! ...and eye candy ;)
    Should I read something before this, or is this stand alone?

  32. Holley, I am thrilled to pieces that you read it!

    As much as we hoped it would be stand alone, there's a lot of history with a couple of these characters.

    There are two summaries that will help. They're on the sidebar.

    Thank you so much from both of us!

  33. I want to read the full story then. Where do I start?

  34. Holley...oh my god you do NOT want to read the full story. It's too long! It's too long and it's too rough. There are holes in the plot and the shots are OLD. We've been writing this for 5 years. I cringe at the thought of anybody trying to read the whole thing.

    If the summaries don't do it, the whole thing is in the Series Guide, all in order. The link is on the link bar under the header. But it is a long messy slog.

  35. Oh oh...what is Beth getting into!

    Very intriguing chapter, going back and ford made this chapter beyond fabulous!

    In one hand, I completely agree with Blade, Beth is just teasing him, and then just backs off... like a teenager girl.

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    Blade said what he did because he was frustrated. He's used to getting what he wants, and he does genuinely like her. He doesn't know anything at all about what Cooper feels or about what happened to separate them. He's not likely to find out, either.

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  40. tommiegirl_ca, it is always a delight when someone new finds our story. Hopefully it won't be too hard to catch up on considering this has been ongoing for years.

    Thanks for the comments about the writing and shots. Back when these were done we both were able to get shots so it truly was a joint effort all around.