Thursday, October 27, 2016

Studio Time: Thirty Nine - Part 1

Walking Uphill

Part 1

Shooter gave Mack a quick peck on the cheek, grabbed his cell off the table and headed down the front steps.  He hadn’t finished packing, a chore he could usually blow through in a couple of hours but this time he was working with Mackenna.  She’d finally agreed to go with him on the tour.  She didn’t make any big deal about what she was taking so they were having a beer and talking about what they could combine, and he’d sort of let the time slide by.  

Rafe usually watched his place when he was gone and was doing it again, and he was a short walk up the hill overlooking the lake.  This time though he’d said they were having company and that it was important to drop off the key early.  He didn't want to piss off the man, not that there would be any trouble but as a general rule, you didn't piss him off.

It was still real early even though it was dark.  It got dark early around here and once the seasons started to turn, he could barely see across the lake once it got past five.  
Still, he was running kinda late.

He briefly stopped at a small park on his way up the hill. Shooter loved the lake, the smell of pine and rock and water.  The telescope was old, bolted to the rock, oiled ever once in a while by somebody who remembered to do it - he’d done it himself a couple of times.   The place was a make-out spot for the teenagers in the area.  It was well used from what little he’d seen.

He’d been thinking about Duff and the girl.  She’d been going through some major shit and he could see why Duff wanted to stay with her.  And he’d been thinking about the way Rob just got rid of him.
What if he fell somewhere around the lake and broke an arm, his shoulder, or strained his back so he couldn’t play for months, not a week, but fucking months?  He wasn’t Alex, he wouldn’t expect the band to cancel everything, wouldn’t want them to, but would Rob move right on and replace him permanently?

Maybe Duff got some bad press ever once in a while but so the hell what.  Fans liked who he was.  Flight was a rock band not a traveling choir.

Shooter took a deep breath and shook it off for now.  He could see the light on the Rafe’s place house and needed to get this done and get back and finish packing. Whatever happened in the future, the tour was going to begin and he was going to be there.

He walked around the curve in the road where the land dropped off straight down into the lake, and there was Autumn sitting around a campfire.  And right there, sitting in the leaves probably too close to that fire, was her best friend. Harmony, the one they called Hugs.  Cooper Stanfield’s youngest - the girl he would keep in a locked jewel box if he could figure out how to do it.  
“Hey Autumn, is your dad around?”


  1. I like Shooter. He's a good voice of reason, it seems, something that Flight in general and Duff in particular need right now. He and Mackenna are great together--a nice oasis of (interesting) stability among the other, less stable (but also interesting) couples.

    I think Hugs will be okay. Her parents seemed have learned enough from their mistakes with their other kids to keep her mostly out of the way of the family drama, and any that comes up... well, I'm sure Autumn won't take long figuring out how best to reassure her. Not that that's a great job for anyone that age, but I suspect Autumn would be more capable of it than most.

    1. Hi Van! Shooter is very laid back and levelheaded. He's always been the more sympathetic and tolerant member of Flight. He doesn't like conflict, that is for sure. He and Mack are like PB&J. I always knew they were a great pair. She isn't really starstruck and he likes that about her.

      It remains to be seen how Hugs handles what she overheard. She has a great support system between her parents and her best friend. Autumn and Hugs fiercely protect each other. As much as her parents want to shield her from the the drama, at some point it will hit her. I hope it won't destroy the image she has of her dad. She is already beginning to notice that her family is fractured. I just don't think she understands it yet.

      Thank you so much for supporting our story and leaving comments. It is greatly appreciated.

  2. Rafe!!! Haven't seen him in so long. I had forgotten that he was a writer and it looks like he's about to have a lot to write about if Gemma has anything to do with it. I love Shooter. He's so cute and there is an innocence about him that endearing. I wish he had spoken up to Rob at the meeting but I guess he's thinking better of that now. Hopefully he can be the person who can get through to Rob and find another way other than cutting Duff permanently.

    Autumn and Hugs are adorable. They've grown into beautiful girls. I just hope that this mess doesn't touch Hugs the way the past has messed with Rayne. I feel like finding out the truth would crush her; she's such a daddy's girl.

    I can't wait for this tour; haven't had one in a long time. I'm loving this new story arch :).

    1. Put Rafe on the scene and everything else fades to the background but then I am extremely biased. ;)

      Shooter is a really special guy and I love that you see those qualities in him. He tends to stay out of the drama and doesn't like conflict. He takes time to process things, work through them, and then make decisions. In his mind, he doesn't get why Duff needs to hold Rayne's hand but the more he thinks about it, Duff's request goes a lot deeper than most of Alex's reasons for delay. And I think it threw him off guard to hear Rob declare Duff as being replaced. Rob steamrolled over all of them including Royce.

      I have always loved the relationship between Hugs and Autumn. They really are adorable! It is unrealistic to think that Hugs won't see a little tarnish on her father's crown if/when she hears or understands what he has kept from her in her life. Rayne idolized her father and ran away as a child when she stepped into the middle of an argument with her parents. Her perfect life was shattered. But Coop wasn't around as much for Rayne as he was for Hugs so that could make a big difference in how any scandal could touch Hugs. They definitely are both daddy's girl ;)

      It would be a blast to go on tour with Flight but I don't know if I have the energy to pull that off the way we did for the Mercury Rising tour.

  3. Sorry it's taken me so long to catch up. It seemed to take a long time to find a good solid half hour where I could read and savour the wonderful pictures and writing uninterrupted.
    I always find it really difficult to write convincing interior monologues. I am jealous of your skills, yet again! I really feel like I can hear Shooter's voice. He may not like conflict but I still think it was kind of low of him not to say anything when Rob told Duff they wouldn't postpone, but he acted true to who he is. I realise now if he had said something it would have been completely out of character. Anyway knowing his point of view was fascinating and a great insight into his personality. He is so caring and non-judgmental as well as evidenced by his interactions with the girls. He is just so lovely! A true naif.

    1. No worries Treason. We just appreciate you taking the time to read and comment so thank you from us both.

      Shooter is an easy character to write, especially when you know him so well. You are right. He should have spoken up. But. He is a thinker. He is slow to work through things, especially conflict, and Rob and Duff are passionate, volatile people. If Alex/Blade had been there, the conversation might have gone differently, Shooter might have thought it through quicker, and then maybe say something in Duff's defense. But probably not. He stewed over it. The situation simmered in his head. Then it occurred to him that he might be just as expendable.

      I am really thrilled that Shooter's character and voice shined through here and that you gained insight into who he is. Thank you so much!