Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Studio Time: Eighteen

ST 18 -header copy

49 Windward Cove, Bay View 10:18PM

ST 18 -01

Dani rinsed her teacup and set it aside. She spent the better part of her day shooting print ads for her signature perfume, and the rest of the day, she was on the phone with her agent discussing the contract for TV commercials. It had been a long day and the only thing she wanted to do was climb into bed and read. Flipping the light switch off, she turned the corner to go upstairs when a shadow at her front door startled her. It didn't take long for her to recognize the silhouette in her doorway and her heart began to pound for a whole other reason.

ST 18 -02

"Alex, what are you doing here so late?" She opened the door a crack and willed herself to keep from immediately inviting him in.

"I wanted to see your new place, baby. You never did invite me over. Can I come in so you can give me a private tour?"

ST 18 -03

Dani wrinkled her nose. Alex was stinking drunk but she relented and let him in. She was never able to turn him away. The door shut with a soft click and when she turned around to face him, he slid his hands along her bare arms, kissed her and then attempted to maneuver his way up the stairs. Alex faltered, lost his footing and instead ended up on his ass. Recovering, he propped his leg on the step and grinned.  "Why don't we start the tour in your bedroom?"

"Why don't we go upstairs and talk instead? Then I can give you the tour if you still want one."  Under any other circumstance she would have jumped at the suggestion. Tonight however, she hesitated. 

ST 18 -04

She led him upstairs and they sat among the pillows she had scattered on the floor. Dani heard about the auction fiasco from some friends. If things were going south with Beth Stanfield, she didn't want to ask but it was the only explanation for him showing up at her door drunk and wanting sex. He hadn't called her since he and Beth had gotten together so what other explanation could there be? Running her fingers along his jaw sent sparks of awareness through her as she turned his face toward her.

"Alex, are you in love with Beth Stanfield - are you considering marrying her? Because, you know, your track record with wives isn't so good. If you decide to marry her because you want to stick it to Cooper, it will only end badly and if you really love her or if she loves you - please think about what you are doing." So much for avoiding the subject but she needed to know.

ST 18 -05

Alex shifted until his head rested in her lap, looked up at her and laughed. "I'm pretty sure Beth doesn't love me yet but I'm not going to stop trying with her. I just had a minor set back."

"Then why aren't you with her tonight?" Dani twirled a lock of his hair between her fingers.

Alex stretched and exhaled, sending another strong whiff of alcohol at Dani. "Because she is on her 'date' with Rob."

"I see. So you decided the best thing for you to do was come here and sleep with me?" Dani knew Alex well enough to know when he was covering his feelings, hiding the truth.  She wasn't sure what was happening, what he was hiding, but she felt a pang of sympathy for the woman she didn't know.  He wouldn't be here if he was in love with her.

ST 18 -06

She stood, walked to the windows that looked out on the ocean and folded her arms. Alex followed, resting his head on top of hers and they stood there for a long time, neither one saying anything.

Dani drew a breath finding the courage to ask what was in her heart for years. "Alex, I want a baby. I've considered a sperm bank but the baby I want is yours. I know you don't want children and I am not asking you to be involved but - you should know I'm not on birth control right now. If we have sex I might possibly get pregnant."

ST 18 -07

Alex turned her in his arms. "You know me Dani, I always come packing." He tapped the pocket of his jeans and smiled.

ST 18 -08

She wrenched herself out of his arms and glared. "I'm serious Alex. I'm asking you to father my child. You can walk away afterward - I'm not asking for your commitment or involvement. We can draw up papers and make it legal or whatever. If you say no, I'm sure I can find someone else willing but I want yours." Dani prayed he would buy into that bluff - he was drunk so he might - and if she ran out of options, she would do it, follow through on the threat.

ST 18 -09

However, if there could have been anything that would have sobered him, Dani was sure that was it. His hands glided slowly down down her arms, a soft caress, until he took her wrists and held them. The feel of his touch ignited her desire for him further, causing her knees to tremble. If he had not been holding her, Dani thought she might collapse under the weight of her desire. She loved him with her every fiber - she would never get him out of her system.

Alex leaned in until their foreheads touched. "Dani, what you're asking - it's complicated."

Their entire relationship had been complicated. She wanted complicated if he was part of the package. "I understand what I am asking of you. Out of all your wives I was the only one you married for love. I know this in my heart. I'm asking you to give me the one thing that will make me happy. Alex, please?"

ST 18 -10


  1. Wow, I mean Wow
    Talk about twist. Seems Duff & Rainie aren't the only hot issue right now!
    Who'd seen this one coming.

    He's really taking the 'date' hard. Getting drunk and visit an ex. I love them together. They fit so perfectly.

    I hope he says yes, though I have to say. For someone pretty drunk, he still managed to say 'It's complicated'
    Hmm, I hope Dani gets at least that little keeper of him if Beth has the rest.

    Beautiful update. And the pictures are a bit dark, but it absolutely works. The dept, the darkness of the situation (cheating, or planning to), the seriousness of her request!

    I love you guys!

  2. Jean-Marie, thanks. This one did sort of come from out of the blue. It just happened and it definitely throws another twist into the story. Will he or won't he...that remains to be seen. It would certainly add to the drama.

    I think Alex is taking a lot more than the date hard. He is no fool and he knows a relationship with Beth is an uphill climb. He has some big shoes to fill.

    We love these two together also. It's nice to get reactions from readers to see what they think.

    Thanks from both of us!

  3. I get the sense with Dani that she is the "one that got away". If the situation had been different, I have no doubt they'd be happy together but their lives took them down different paths. Dani wanting a family, and Alex, accepting the meshing of his lifestyle/career.

    She is asking for something that most woman would not. A child with no strings attached but their relationship makes me wonder. If he went alone with it, would it be the end of them and their casual meetings? Would he stop coming around to avoid looking at a child he has no parts in? Or would he see that child and suddenly have a change of heart.

    My heart kind of broke for Dani when he told her he wasn't going to give up on Beth just yet. We don't see Dani that much but I'm kind of hoping for her happiness.

    As always, a pleasure to see an update!

  4. Oh. Wow.

    I wonder if Alex could father a child and then just not be involved. It seems like it would be ideal for him with his career and all--hell, that was why he never wanted kids in the first place--but I don't know if he could really do it. He's a man who feels things deeply. If he knew he had a child out there, I don't know if he could just ignore that fact forever.

    That said, they would make beautiful children.

  5. Qui, Beth and I talked about the various reasons why Blade married his wives. Dani was the one he married for love. Honestly I don't think he could live with not seeing his child. If he was going to be a father he did not want to be an absentee father which is why he always refused her. So when he says it's complicated, it goes beyond the fact that he is in another relationship, even though that relationship is tenuous at best.

    Thank you so much from both of us.

  6. Van, you're right, there is no way he could just walk away from his child. While it would be ideal for his career, Alex isn't wired that way.

    If he does end up giving her what she wants, his life will change in many ways. It would affect him in ways he might not even anticipate.

    They would make beautiful children. If he gives her what she wants, I guess we'll see...

    Thanks from both of us!

  7. OMG!

    Ok I don't doubt that Blade loves Dani (even though I can't stand the guy) but would he really be willing to give her what she wanted? That is a VERY serious question she's posed and there is NO way the truth behind her child's birth would NOT make headlines!

    If he is very serious about Beth then like Dani said he shouldn't be there with her right now and he shouldn't continuously press for sex with her knowing how she feels. It's what makes everything complicated.

    Now if he truly does have feelings for Beth then his answer should be "no" because if she were to find out that he has been going behind her back (if she allows herself to be with him) then a child with his ex would devastate her!

    Completely problematic! Oh what tangle webs you weave that keeps me hanging on! MOAR NOW PLEASE! I've been good! I only ogled Duff twice (in the last minute) so I'm getting better! Honest! :D

  8. Oh no! Cliffhanger!

    They definitely have a fire together, that much is clear. I know he wants to be faithful to Beth and wants things to work out (or does he? Never a good idea to show up at your ex-wife's place roaring drunk in the middle of the night and mentioning condoms) but it seems in situations like this I wonder how long they can suppress the desire. Certainly doesn't help that he's stinking drunk. I get that Dani can't quit him, as it were, but I want to believe that her better sense won't allow her to take advantage of an intoxicated man and for a baby, too, no matter how genetically blessed.

    Temptation, temptation, everywhere!

  9. Daijahv, I don't think Blade really knows what he wants. He is a rock star on the rise, his biggest competition is Cooper and he is chasing a woman (Beth) that he knows is still in love with her husband. I can't reveal what Blade's answer is, but I can say that whatever he does will have ramifications for everyone. And talk about deja vu, didn't Beth just go through this with Coop and Gemma? She would drop Blade in a New York minute.

    Thanks from both of us!

  10. Choco, they are a hot couple. Dani is hitting him in a moment of weakness. But if she truly wanted to take advantage, she didn't need to tell him she stopped her birth control. Although why it didn't occur to him that she might be sleeping with someone else, she does date after all...

    Lots of temptation that's true.

    Thank you from us both!

  11. Good grief. She is timing that right asking while he's drunk and confused over Beth but I don't think she would just let him walk away. She is still very much in love with him and I think a little of Alex still loves her too. A baby will make things very complicated.

    Next chapter please...I need to see what he says.

  12. jazen, thank you from both of us.

    She is timing it right, but she is asking, not trying to trick him into it. This issue broke up their marriage so she knows where Alex stands. It's a complication that will change his entire life, professionally and personally. He has never before been willing to go there.

    Alex seems to find his way back to her, and Dani is obviously still deeply in love with him.

    Thanks again so much for reading and taking the time to leave us a comment!

  13. Wow, what a huge bombshell right there! I hope Blade gives it some serious thought before he decides (so now, while drunk, is probably not the best time to agree or refuse!). It's such a huge step and I don't think there's such a thing as a no-strings-attached baby.

    I would almost want to call Dani manipulative for asking him when he's drunk but I don't know if she's really the type for that. I think she's just determined. I mean, she's giving him advice about Beth even though it would be in her best interests if they split up.

  14. I like Danica's character a lot, but she is creating a difficult situation for everyone involved. I find Blade a bit of layabout, but can imagine so many problems and regrets arising from him saying yes - it being the very issue their marriage ended. And in his intoxicated state, undoubtedly his judgement is rather clouded. Perhaps he thinks the chance is slim.
    Gah, the conflict!

  15. jazen, for Dani, she needs to ask while she has the courage. It is something she wants, she doesn't believe Alex really loves Beth and she is determined to have a baby - with Blade. But she won't trick him.

    She does love him and yes, Alex still feels love for her. He wouldn't keep going back if he didn't.

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  16. Carla, it is a bombshell, definitely not what Alex expected at all - or came prepared for. I can see how Dani would seem manipulative but if she really wanted to take advantage, she wouldn't have said anything at all. She is sweet and strong. She wants what she wants.

    Thank you from both of us.

  17. Yuxi, there is no way that a baby between those two can be anything but complicated. Blade would be open to a child if he was going to be present, but he doesn't want to be an absentee father and his career is on the rise. That is his focus right now. Whether or not he can say no to Dani right now will be interesting to say the least. Stay tuned!

    Thanks so much from both of us!

  18. Wow. I knew somewhere along the line Dani was going to make a play for Alex (she's far too in love with him not to), but I didn't expect this. This is a serious power play on her part because I think she knows deep down that Alex couldn't really have nothing to do with a child of his and if that is true she would hold a very powerful piece of his heart and his life forever.

    I'm hoping that he is not drunk enough to let this happen, but if he does it would definitely flip everything on it's ear which would be exciting to watch play out. Either way she's laid down the gauntlet and I can't wait to see what happens.

    Very intriguing update :)

  19. Although I haven't read all chapters and don't understand everything that is going on with the characters, I will still comment to show my appreciation of your story.

    Great chapter, that last picture...omg I loved how you ended this with no words. What will he say next, I can't wait.

  20. Muzegoddess, it makes sense that Dani would go after him. He hasn't really cut ties even though he hasn't been around to "see" her lately.

    You're right, he can't walk away from his child which is why he said no when they were married. How or what he decides remains to be seen. He really needs to consider the ramifications and it goes far beyond Beth, Dani or his career.

    Thank you from both of us.

  21. Nicky, thanks so much for commenting even though you aren't caught up. We always appreciate new readers and no worries on catching up - there is a very long history behind the story and I believe Beth has a Recommended Reading list on her blog to help people get up to speed. Or maybe it is on this one...

    Anyway, welcome and thanks from both of us. I admit I love a good cliffhanger and a picture without words really leaves you guessing...

  22. Nicky, hi and thank you SO MUCH!!

    The summaries are on the sidebar, but I hope we've set it up so they're not necessary. We write very short chapters and we try hard to link everything. Again, your gesture is appreciated more than I can even express.

  23. I remember that I started this story but I lost track of it. You make beautiful pictures and I love the dramatic look of them. Just like Nicky I don't understand everything so I am just going to start at the early chapters to know it all!!
    I tell you how that goes! :)

  24. Dutchysim it is hard to keep up with stories so no worries. Thanks so much for leaving a comment though! And thanks about the pictures.

  25. I totally forgot you had updated. Sorry for the late comment.

    It took me a minute to remember who everyone one was here, but I remember now.
    So weird for you to love someone and hear them say they love someone else. I get the feeling Alex is going to be disappointed in how it turns out between him and Beth.

    What Dani is asking IS complicated. It's never as cut and dry as she thinks it will be.
    *remembering Tumblr pic?*

  26. Holley, there's no such thing as late. We treasure every comment no matter when it comes.

    Alex isn't in love with Beth Stanfield. He likes her, but she's an extension of Cooper and that's where his emotional intensity is focused. He knows he's not in love with her. To admit to Danica that he's not in love, doesn't expect that he will be in love, but he's pursuing the woman anyway is more introspection than he could muster even on a good day, much less when he's drunk. He married other women for reasons other than love, so this wouldn't be something new and different for him.

    I think Dani knows. What she's asking is complicated, but she knows why he keeps coming back to her. He married her for love and that love is still there.

    From both of us, thank you!

  27. Damn it, I missed this update somehow.

    This was a very sexy update! I'm so envious of the writing and the shots. The poses were perfect and I love the idea of someone drunk visiting their ex late at night--especially when they are on good terms. ;)

    Will they or won't they? It's to teasing of you to just leave it hanging there, I'm dying to know! lol

  28. Stunningly executed, the shots, the emotion in the writing. Just amped up my Blade interest. What a fascinating, multi-layered character.
    Seeing the feelings involved, even though they are deeply hidden (at least some of them) having a child will hardly be no-strings-attached.

    Great work~

  29. Thank you ~Drew! Blade is a difficult person to like simply because he makes it so. He hides so much behind the various 'rock star' layers, the biggest layer being his attachment to Danica.

    You're right about the strings that come with a child. He couldn't walk away or be an absentee father. It just isn't part of the man he really is, not part of Alex but maybe part of Blade. If that makes sense.

  30. Oh gosh!

    I'm wondering if he'll give in or not. I feel so bad for Dani. She'll take just about whatever he'll give her, whatever scraps he has left. He thought he was doing her a kindness by ending their marriage so she'd be free to have a baby with someone else, but then they kept sleeping together. She'll never find someone else.

    I just hope she won't end up too hurt by whatever he chooses.