Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Studio Time: Seventeen

Warning: This update contains explicit erotic images in the background decor.

"In an hour?  I'm not even home and - I didn't mean it that way -- I wasn't arguing I just said it's a long drive, and I have to change, I'm not dressed for an art gallery..."   She walked down to the end of the porch  and said whatever she had to say and it wasn't a lot.  He didn't mean to listen, he didn't listen, not much he could listen to since she wasn't saying anything back.

It was raining like a son of a bitch, rain coming down through that gutter into the barrel he kicked over once or twice.  Somebody told him that barrel was there to keep all that rain from digging itself a trench under the house, but the house was still here about fifty years after old great aunt Cephise died up there in the attic by that window that never did want to open, no trench in all that time.  He never did believe it  Rain was going to find itself under the house whether it came down the way it wanted to go or some way you thought it ought to go.

Whoever she was talking to, he couldn't find a way to think it was a date kind of call; it sounded like her daddy telling her to come home, and maybe it was.   Maybe.   He felt the cold through the sweater he'd thrown on thinking he wasn't going to keep it on but it had hadn't worked out that way.

She put the cell down and sat down on the steps, huddled up, grabbing her knees and hanging her head over them.

Jimmy settled himself next to her, taking her fingers, cold and stiff like the way she was sitting there, wrapping his arm around her and she curled them into him and tightened and held on.  When you don't know what to say, you say something about the weather.  "Lot of bad weather we're getting."

She let it go a long time, letting the cold and dusk slide in, letting the light go down out of the sky.  The asshole dog across the street started howling, door slamming, poser who thought he had a wolf dog yelling at the poor damned thing until it shut up and Rayne waiting to say something.

She glanced at him, a flash of warmth, a smile, that bite you in the heart Rennie smile, then she was looking back up at the sky.  "The Year of Ryan - whatever was going on between Ryan and my mother, my mother wasn't happy, and it rained all the time. I used to think maybe she was making it rain."

Her momma was making something but it wasn't rain.  He held off, knowing Rennie's deal with her momma was fucked up, but this wasn't right, uneasy, cold, the boards wet under his jeans, the light fading into a place he couldn't go.  He'd thrown a spread last night, and he'd seen the  Eight of Wands and the Tower and the Five of Cups, all of them calling down an ending.  Jimmy lit a cigarette, fighting with the lighter that was about done but the toaster still worked. If he had a toaster, he could always light himself a cigarette.

Then she got up.

She got up, not looking at him, and walked toward the door, still hanging open, no need to push on it.

Sitting there in the wet he watched her turn in the light. She was always such a pretty girl. "I have to go, Toad. I'll call you."

South Beach - Southeast Metro: Six Gallery 9 PM

Impatiently, Duff paced the length of the gallery. He'd known the owner for a few years, a Dom he'd paid handsomely for a two hour private showing with the idea that he would push Rayne a little further. She was late by thirty minutes. It would take considerable restraint on his part to forgive her tardiness and he would make it a point to instruct her on his expectations. Duff considered lighting one of the Cuban cigars and contemplated what he would like to do with it. He resumed pacing; if he thought she would not be worth the wait, he would have been long gone.

Glancing toward the entrance, he saw Rayne hurrying up the walkway. Her hair was haphazardly pinned up and strands of it fell loosely around her face and neck. When she saw him, her lips curved into a pleasurable smile. The urge to pull the pins from her hair and let it fall loosely around her bare shoulders as he bared her breasts aroused him.

Duff forced himself not to meet her halfway and, not for the first time, questioned who was mastering who. As she stood before him, he assessed her from head to toe before meeting her gaze with his own.

"I couldn't find a parking place, I thought you said this place was midtown, it's southeast, you can never find a place to park." She sounded breathless and irritated and she looked back at the street and frowned. "I'm going to get a ticket and I have a couple of them already."

Duff watched her fret, young and pretty and worried about parking tickets, her cheeks flushed. He considered offering to relieve her concern, and decided against it.

"You should pay your tickets."

"I know I should. My dad used to pay them but I think he's done with that. What is this place? I know all the art galleries on the east side but not this one. And if they boot my car - "

Relenting, captivated, amused, he took her arm, waiting for her to turn to him, to rely on him, only him. She wasn't there, not yet.

“Why are you here Rayne?”

She responded with a quick laugh.“You invited me, that’s why.”

Pulling away, releasing his hold on her, Duff crossed his arms. “Perhaps I should reconsider inviting you in the future. Go home.”

Obviously disconcerted, Rayne paused, studying him, touching her hair, her body language uneasy. “Why - because I was a little late? Sorry...”

Duff put up a hand to stop her. “If you had any discipline, you would have been here precisely when I expected you.”

Rayne smiled coyly as if expecting her charm would assuage his temper. “What are you going to do, take me over your knee and spank me like a little girl?”

Gripping her arms, Duff slowly backed her into the wall. He moved as far into her personal space as he dared and placed a hand on the wall beside her. Leaning in so that their lips were nearly touching he whispered, “I’d consider it but you might enjoy it too much.”

She drew a hard breath, and Duff saw her pupils dilate in what he assumed was arousal, the silk of her mouth brushed against his, and then she violently and unexpectedly ripped out of his grasp.  She'd been trained, and by someone who knew what he was doing. Caught off balance, Duff released her, he had no choice but to release her and he felt the pain in his wrist where she had twisted it when she broke free.

Rayne glared up at him, her cheeks flushed, her eyes alight, and she put one hand on his shoulder and slid it down his chest, then fisted his shirt and hissed up at him. "Maybe you’ll reconsider asking me? Maybe I’ll reconsider accepting. I'm walking right out that door and you don't have a whistle big enough to call me back."

Duff faltered. Her outburst was unexpected; if he let her go, it was over. He couldn’t chase her; he would not chase her. She didn’t want to leave, if she had she would have been gone but instead she hesitated. She turned in the doorway and looked back at him, waiting, poised to run but still she waited.  If he let her go, she wouldn't come back, he needed to adjust his tactics.

He smiled, slowly walked toward her, took her hand, slid his hands through her hair, such a surfeit of silk. “Rayne...I’ve disappointed you. Do you think me harsh? Did you want to stay?"

Sliding his hand around her neck and weaving his fingers through her hair, he gently drew her closer. Leaning in he cautiously kissed her and when she didn’t pull away, he deepened the kiss.

“This time I might let it go. Only this time, this one time il mio dolce, because I want you...” pausing, his mouth moved sensually against hers, who was the lion, who was the lamb, would he have left, would he, would he take the door out without her, no. "I want you to stay.”


  1. Wow!! I'm not sure which is more stunning the beautiful shots or the beautiful words. The distance between Rayne and Jimmy is so clear. He's reaching out for her and she's just not there anymore. The way Duff has captivated her is amazing. It's really like magic the way he works, but it is very clear that he doesn't have total control of this ship. I love the battle of wills between he and Rayne; very seductive.

    I am so happy to see this story back and I can't wait to see what develops for these three. Fabulous update.

  2. Maybe It's because I was looking forward to it. Maybe my eyes are just deceiving me. Did I just finish reading AN UPDATE?!!

    Hmm, Jimmy and the cards. Suggesting an ending huh? Maybe the cards are closer to the truth that he thinks.

    Duff is definitely a master in the seduction area. Sending her away to then pull her back. 'Do you think me harsh? Did you want to stay?'

    Classy, really classy!
    It just screamed 'Don't go Rayne, challenge me further' (How erotic of me LOL)

    I'm still intrigued.
    Welcome back!

  3. Muze, thank you from both of us. After such a long break, it was kind of nervewracking to post something. I messed up the formatting and worried about every little thing.

    Duff has indeed captivated her. Rayne both knows it and is uneasy about it, and she's lying to Jimmy, cheating on him, the very thing she hated so much in her mother. Duff's pretty enchanted with her, too: she's not turning out to be what he thought she was.

    Thank you...

  4. Jean-Marie, there's no Cooper LOL but I'm so glad you liked it!

    Duff has Rayne completely off balance. Ordering her to go home, switching up, encouraging her to stay but making it about what she wants, not him.

    Poor Jimmy. He believes in those cards although he'd deny it, and he doesn't understand what's going on yet. He's someone with a lot of old problems and fractures and this is going to really hurt.

    Thank you for sticking with us. It means more than I can say!

  5. I'm always impressed with the quality of the pictures.
    Great update!

  6. Dani, thank you! Jimmy's house is very plain so I was worried about getting interesting shots. I love what Gayl did with the set for Duff and Rayne.

    Thank you again for all your help with so many things!

  7. This was a great jump back into the story. It was perfect.

    Rayne reminds me a lot of a storm - even if you think you've noticed the pattern and think you can see its projected path, it will throw you for a loop and something unexpected might occur. How fitting that her name is Rayne.

    It was quite seductive how Duff treated her. He's quite the strategist.

    I noticed that a lot of the images hung up on the gallery's walls were kind of the seductive nature. Can I assume that it wasn't any kind of coincidence? :)

    I do feel bad for Toad. If and/or when he finds this out, he's going to wonder how he could have missed the signs. I guess we ask ourselves this all the time when we're in this situation.

    Wonderful job ladies!

  8. Choco, you are so right. Toad is misinterpreting the signs because they don't fit with what he expects. Rayne isn't taking a flirtatious phone call; she sounds uneasy and apologetic. He knows something is wrong but doesn't see it.

    LOL that gallery is definitely not your mother's art museum! Rayne had never heard of it for a reason.

    Duff is something else. He's playing her exactly right, although she surprised him. Like Jimmy, he expects something based on signs he's misinterpreting. She can throw him for a loop. I hadn't thought about her name and a storm, but it certainly fits.

    Thank you so much from both of us!

  9. Shots are AMAZING! I've so envious of that rustic beach house. I love seeing the paint peeling off, lol!

    Rennie is it? She's an absolute doll. Your lady sims are always so polished.

    Duff and Rayne taunting each other, oh I dunno. lol They're both a big tease! That sort of thing would drive me mad but I think she likes it. These two are definitely an interesting couple. :)

  10. Jennifer, thank you! I wasn't so sure about taking the shots in Jimmy's house since I didn't want a lot of clutter and I was worried I couldn't make them interesting. I love the shots Gayl got in that art gallery.

    Rayne (or Rennie) looks so much like her father. We've been trying to find a new skin for her since the old one was so pixelated, and Gayl finally found one. I'm so glad it works!

    I like the way you put it: Duff and Rayne are taunting each other. He thinks he has the upper hand, and at this point he pretty much does, but she's surprising him.

    Thank you from both of us!

  11. Yay! An update! Welcome back with a vengeance! I loved the shots, so rich and full of detail!

    The place Duff asked her to is a big clue, clearly he just wants sex from all those naked rears on the walls! I understand the pull but Rayne should think twice, she has Jimmy who might have his own problems but I think he really cares about her.

    Actually I think she needs someone in between. Whatever happened to Cruz? He he, you know I drooled after that boy from the start!

    Glad you guys got a great update together, it was beautiful as always!

  12. Ok...first of all I have to stop and take a breath because OMG! THERE'S A FRIGGIN' DUFF...I mean UPDATE!! **wipes away a tear** I am so happy! Thank you!

    Duff and Rayne's cat and mouse game is so much fun and very interesting to watch! Sometimes he has the upper hand and then there are times he knows she's on top and he reevaluates his game to leave her weak in the knees (which I ALWAYS am when he's on screen).

    She wouldn't have left though I could see that; she didn't want to. And his telling her "I want you to stay" placed a need for her in her heart and mind because I KNOW that statement made her pulse react!

    Poor Jimmy. He has no idea what Rayne has been up to and thinking it's her Dad will crush him to realize it isn't. He did however seem a little distant on the porch talking about the weather. If this is someone you love and feel really close to that conversation is a little weird considering it's mostly for strangers and people in elevators!

    He does seem shy around her which I think is cute but he should have tried outright asking if she were ok. She might see him as weak and that may push her closer to Duff.

    The kiss was great! She didn't try and move away and he got more of what he wanted.

    Loving the sexual tension between these two and cannot wait for more...please don't make me wait for more. I didn't lick my...I mean Quiana didn't lick her screen this time!

    Great update and well worth the wait!


  13. Thank you, Emily!

    Duff invited her to a place like that deliberately. He's pushing her past her comfort level. He wants dominion over her. Rayne isn't certain what she wants or what's going on, and she's unhappy with what she's doing to Jimmy. But she's very young.

    I don't know if Cruz will return in any major way. I can't see Rayne ever being comfortable with him; he would always remind her of Gabe and her own naivete, not that she's doing much better now.

    Thanks so much from both of us!

  14. Daijahv, I hope we can continue to entertain you LOL! I really look forward to your comments.

    Rayne didn't want to leave, and was genuinely shocked when he told her to go home, but she would have left if he hadn't handled it the way he did. She's really out of her depth with Duff.

    Jimmy is very rough around the edges. If he'd asked her if she was all right, she may have snapped at him. He didn't know what to do and, unlike Duff, he did the wrong thing. But they have what he believes is a comfortable understanding, something more than girlfriend/boyfriend, so making casual conversation should have reassured her. He doesn't see what's happening and is making it worse.


  15. Ha, I think he bit off a bit more than he can chew with Rayne, lol! She might be too fiesty for a submissive. Maybe he'd enjoy being one? (I doubt he would, but they certainly have a power struggle going on here.) I love watching these two play with each other. But I feel so bad for Jimmy - poor dude! I can't see him dealing with this well at all when it breaks. :\

    I'm rooting for Jimmy, but I know Rayne has a strong-willed mind of her own!

    What a very gorgeous and intense update! Brilliant!

  16. Laura, I can't imagine Duff enjoying the submissive role. Rayne's a challenge, but she's giving in more than she usually would. One small step at a time.

    This really is going to hurt Jimmy. Not only will it hurt to lose her, but finding out she's been cheating on him will be a huge blow. She's doing something to him she knows is wrong. They have more than a casual relationship.

    Thank you!!

  17. Apologies in advance for not addressing each comment individually but I don't want to repeat what Beth has already said. We should have placed a warning at the beginning about the erotic images I used in the Duff half of the update. I hope it did not offend anyone.

    We appreciate the support this story receives and I want to voice my own personal gratitude since I seem to hang more in the shadows of it but some of you have been here since the time when we were doing separate stories and stuck with us when we decided to weave it together. And for the new readers who did not know us until recently, thank you for hopping on the tour bus and enjoying the ride.

  18. Wonderful to see this back!

    I had a feeling Duff made a lasting impression on Rayne and once again, he has given her more reason to fall. So seductive and charming; knows what he wants and how to get it, how can she stand it? Her strong personality is how!

    Poor Jimmy doesn't have a clue that his Rennie is being seduced by a master. Or maybe he does. Either way, this is building up to something amazing I can't wait!

    Beautiful everything!

  19. Thank you Qui! Duff is in deeper than he realizes, or maybe he does and that is why he is willing to put up with more than he normally would.

    Rayne is young, too young for him, but he is obsessed and not necessarily in a bad way. Captivated and intrigued. I think Rayne is caught up as well. She has not been around a man with his sophistication and experience.

    Yes, poor Jimmy. It would never have occurred to him that Rayne would cheat. We all do things that go against what we swear we will never do however.

  20. This is great, seeing the return of Studio Time! And you guys really pulled it off, from pictures to story. And I just loved everything!

    As for story, the writing is incredible as usual. I don't know though, I'm not falling for Duff yet. My defenses are up with this guy. He wants to be controlling and manipulative, and Rayne's own strong personality is countering that. I'm not sure if I'm feeling danger on the horizon with this relationship. But it'll be awesome to see where you take us.

  21. Mela, thanks so much.

    A smart girl would have their defenses up around Duff. He is getting more than he bargained for with Rayne but it doesn't deter him in the least. What initially attracted him was her sensual vulnerability but with each layer she reveals to him, especially her strength of will, he gets in deeper. He knows it; she doesn't and that is the difference.

  22. Um wow, I'm embarassed. I had a whole paragraph to comment on the images as well, did I write over that? :p

    Anyway, what I wanted to say about the images is that yes they are beautiful, all of them. I loved them all, and I know you're getting comments on the tension between Duff and Rayne, but what I loved most is all the images with Jimmy and Rayne. The emotions are all there, no words needed for any of those shots. You've got a different kind of tension (sadness, uncertaintly, indifference maybe) down with just those few beautiful shots. Jimmy can be a guy of few words, but he doesn't need any with what you have there. Again, it's amazing!

  23. Mela you are so right about those shots. Beth has an amazing gift in her ability to tell a story with just the images. She captures the emotion so well. I think that is why she stresses over them so much, because she is telling a story and they are her canvas.

    Not that I should be speaking for her...

  24. Mela, thank you. One of the things I love the most about this medium is that I can use images without words. I'm so visual. I wanted the create an atmosphere with those shots: sadness, uncertainty, regret, unease. Jimmy is picking up on something he does not understand, something he isn't processing. It was just so much easier for me to attempt to do that with images than to try to write it down.

    Thank you!!

    And Gayl...thank you.

  25. Yay! :D

    Hmm. Not sure what to think about Duff here. I wouldn't call him outright malicious, but he's certainly controlling. Expecting her to be right on time and calling that "discipline". That's kind of a brow-raising deal.

    I felt bad for Raine and Jimmy here. Seems like things are still a little cool on that front, but I get the sense that Jimmy wants to fix it. Raine, I don't know. She's young. She's gone from guy to guy to guy since Ryan. Maybe she needs some time on her own.

    Glad to see Studio Time updated. Gorgeous work, as always :D

  26. Hey Van! Duff isn't controlling so much as he just wants to be in control. I don't think he knows what he wants yet from Rayne, not really. He is intrigued, captivated and caught up in her in a way that he has maybe experienced one other time. He knows the dangers and pitfalls of what he is doing but he can't help it.

    I feel awful for Jimmy. There is no way he can come out of this unscathed. He and Rayne were good until Duff got obsessed and Rayne got seduced by his charm.

  27. So excited to see an update! I should be decorating a room that's due by tomorrow, but I couldn't help but procrastinate.
    I kind of feel bad for Jimmie :( He knows, without his cards, that something is going on with Raine. Hopefully he doesn't wind up too hurt.
    It might be wrong, but the Duff and Raine scenes are so hot. There little game is dangerous though. I might be new to this story, but Duff is a bad...bad boy and Raine knows it! I hope she knows what she's doing with him.

  28. holley THANK you and you sneaked out of a decorating challenge? LOL!

    Jimmy knows something is wrong. He doesn't know what. Rayne can be moody and blue, and he knows that, and thought she was having an issue with her father. He's going to be hurt. She's lying to him, and he trusts her.

    Duff is seriously seductive and yes, a bad bad boy. He intends to take that girl places she has never been before. She has no idea what she's doing.

    From both of us, thank you!

  29. I feel SO bad for Jimmy. It's clear that things were good until Duff came along. Duff would be a hard man for anyone to resist.

    Duff is so sexy though, I am in love with this new character that you two have created. Like wow, full on character crush. I want to see him in action more. (And I do mean the hint of perverseness that snuck in there, lol.)

    Rayne is looking beautiful with the new skin.

    Also, you mentioned before that the tarot cards were important. Is Jimmy maybe trying to divine his own future? Maybe that's why he's so aware of the shift going on between the two of them? (I'm just speculating of course.)

  30. So happy to see this. :)

    This update made me realise Duff may be very handsome, but I don't think I like him. All I could think of was those stupid movies where people are operated on in a lonely basement without clean equipment or anesthetics. Yeah. He scares me. He has a few loose bolts. I certainly hope Rayne isn't so caught in the excitement of danger she seems to crave that she misses the signs that he's an ill man. Poor Toad. He looks like a lost little puppy.

    The gallery is beautiful.

    The story pictures are fantastic. The writing is excellent, dynamic, descriptive .... I could go on :)

  31. Lunar, I feel bad for Jimmy, too. He's going to have a very difficult time dealing it; there's too much loss in his life already. In his character meme, the final word that describes him is abandoned. And yes, that's exactly what he's doing with the tarot cards. For him, they are a kind of lens he's using to try to clarify what he can't see clearly or understand.

    LOL we'll be getting into some Duff action! That's too good to pass up! He's really fascinating, isn't he? Gayl gets all the credit for finding and letting that sexy monster into the room.

    I'm glad the new skin works. I tried it on another female character yesterday and it did not work on her: it changed her body in a way that didn't look right. Rayne is tall and slender so the cleavage definition isn't as important.

    Thank you from both of us, for all your support and encouragement.

  32. Zhippidy, thank you!!

    Duff definitely seems to be one of those characters you either really like or really do NOT like. I don't think he's going to operate on her in a basement (and I hate those movies, they scare me to death), but the basement itself with some kind of 'equipment' might exist. Shooter considers him perverted and somewhat dangerous.

    Toad is confused and apprehensive. Something is wrong but he doesn't understand what it is. Rayne was always so openly hostile to her mother because she cheated on Cooper, Jimmy is having trouble believing that Rayne is doing the same thing.

    I love that gallery, too. Gayl did an incredible job with it. I hope we'll get some shots of the place.

    From both of us, thank you!

  33. Oh wow! You had zero reason to be nervous about putting this update out there because it was amazing!

    Like Zhippidy, I think I've decided I don't like Duff either! Handsome? Undoubtedly. Fascinating? For sure. He's definitely not someone I would want to spend any time with at all though! And I'm a bit worried for Rayne too, even though it appears she can handle herself here. I worry that she might be underestimating Duff. :\

    I feel awful for Jimmy too. I like him more and more each time I read about him. I think I can vaguely remember not liking him much at all at the start but he really grew on me. He's one of those characters I just want everything to work out for, if that makes any sense!

  34. oh Carla, thank you!

    You know, I've spent some time thinking about that, and at this point in my life I don't think I would find someone like Duff appealing, but when I was 18 (Rayne's age), my reaction would probably be different. Rayne is way out of her depth with him, and yes, she is underestimating him. She's never met anyone like him.

    Jimmy was a little threatening when we first introduced him. He's a very unpolished kind of guy. But he's a good guy, and it feels bad to see something unfolding that is going to smash him hard.

    From both of us, thank you!

  35. I meant to comment earlier, but better late than never!

    Loving the dynamics between your characters, as always. For some reason, the last sentence in the scene with Jimmy and Rayne really stood out to me. Like a picture of that last moment before things start to fall apart.

    I find Duff's alpha male tendencies more than a little disconcerting, and his attempts to control her just raise red flags all. Somehow I doubt Rayne's strong personality may not be enough when he really decides to get what he wants.

  36. Yuxi, anytime is fantastic!

    That is exactly what I tried to capture with that scene and that paragraph. The moment, when you look back, that you knew it was over. You don't always see it at the time, but in hindsight it is very clear. Not that there is anything you can ever do about it since at that point it's too late.

    Rayne is no match for Duff. She's too young and her experience with men has been limited to guys she basically bossed around, or fantasy figures. She doesn't know what she's dealing with. Her little attempts to push back are only marginally effective: they slow him down but he is still reeling her in.

    I feel a lot of sympathy for both Jimmy and Rayne and it's a struggle not to rescue them.

    From both of us, thank you! Your artistic vision is a constant inspiration. And a huge help!

  37. Beth, astonishing shots as always, every detail, every nuance, lovingly crafted.

    Gayl, Duff is a fantastic character. So many damned layers I can't wait for you to peel them back. He is controlling, disciplined, sly and sexy as hell. Likeable? No, but he doesn't have to be to be fascinating. Don't know what he sees in Rayne, though. ;-)

    She is not one of my favs. Her relationship with Jimmy is touching and sad, and I love how you worked in the rain, the both of you, well done. Rayne seems to be reaching for something with all the men in her life, and never quite finding it. Will Duff be that man? Can't wait to find out.

    Great update!

  38. Drew, thank you.

    What Duff sees in Rayne is pretty superficial at this point. He doesn't know her at all. He saw a painting of a very young, sensual woman with a vulnerable expression, an image that fits with his sexual preferences, and he hunted her down and he's seducing her. He has no long term intentions. He's a complicated man, though, so that could change.

    Rayne might have stayed with Cruz if he hadn't been Gabe's son, but it was a teenage relationship so probably not. Things were going well with Jimmy until Duff showed up. She can be a brat; she's 18, over confident and spoiled, but she's maturing.

    Thanks for the compliment on the shots. Working in a confined space like that porch was a little difficult. Gayl did a fantastic job with the art gallery.

    Thank you so much for all the support you have given to both of us.

  39. Aww, I feel so bad for Jimmy. I didn't expect her to be so attracted to Duff's machinations.

    I am very glad that she stood up to him, though--he could probably use a strong woman to put a dent in some of his plans.

  40. Rachel! I am so flattered, and I know I can speak for Gayl, thank you for finding the time to read and leave us a comment.

    Rayne isn't a strong woman. She's an 18 year old girl with a bit of attitude and a tendency to fantasize. She's totally outmatched with Duff. Jimmy can't even come close.

    Thank you!

  41. “What are you going to do, take me over your knee and spank me like a little girl?”

    LOL oh, he would just love that, wouldn't he?? She shouldn't tease him like that, or she might get more than she can handle.

    Duff's control issues concern me and I can see him geting violent if he doesn't get what he wants. Traits of a future obsessive stalker. :O

  42. Rayne had no idea how close she was to actually getting that spanking! LOL!

    Surprisingly, Duff is very controlled. He can be rough but not violent. He is confident he will get what he wants and more.

    Thanks from both of us.