Saturday, April 20, 2019

Studio Time: Epilogue Two

Luna - South Beach Crossing

They went to Luna at the western end of the Crossing because Camilla felt like celebrating and it was her nephew Colin's place so it was the best place in town and it was also pretty. It was early evening, only a few people were sitting at the bar, just two tables filled, no one yet on the dance floor. They were four for dinner this evening: Heydon, Rafe and Rafe's wife.  They were all people she liked and Camilla felt happy and successful and satisfied.  It was an auspicious moment and it would have been perfect if Gabe were alive and here.

"What do you think Gabe would do with the studio?"

Heydon said, "Gamble it away like he did everything else."

The other two sat very quietly and stopped eating. Camilla stared at Heydon.  Heydon looked right back at her.  Heydon never believed her about Gabe and didn't care and wouldn't talk to her about it at all except to say things like that.  If he wasn't the man she loved she would have killed him by now.

Rafe suddenly eased back in his chair and stretched and smiled at her.  "Not every bet he made was a bad one.  Remember him the way you think he was, Cammie.  He might not deserve it but you do."

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Studio Time: Forty Six

Selling the Brag Book

Being at the Right Place at the Right Time

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Studio Time: Chapter Forty Four

No Resets

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Studio Time: Forty One

First, find the gift horse