Friday, December 31, 2010

Studio Time: Three

Millwood - 119 West Ox Road: 2 PM

"Are you doing that auction thing again this year?" Shooter rocked back in his chair, propping his foot up against the column on the deck at the back of his house, glancing to the right where he thought he'd put his beer. It wasn't there. He sighed, got up, went back into the kitchen where he'd probably left it on the counter.

"Yeah, already told Rob I would," Blade yelled back through the open door. He'd showed up, didn't call ahead of time, and made himself right at home, the usual thing. Show up and show off.

Settling down a second time, Shooter popped the top, took a long gulp and shook his head thinking about the auction. He went along with almost anything but he wasn't doing that thing again. Wind blew in from north and chased nothing but water in front of it, but he'd seen a few snowflakes at this altitude, and he was comfortable sitting here and thinking about the evening ahead and the prospect of snow and a girl he liked to go along with the snow.

"I'll write 'em a damned check. I'm not doing that dance again, not after last year. That Redmond chick got pissy about the whole thing, like it was real, like I was going on a real date with her. Syd gave me shit about not playing nice but it wasn't what I signed up for. You're really going to do it again?"

Blade crossed his hands behind his head, stretched out long legs and grinned. "I think I can count on someone I know to pay for the privilege."

Shifting on the rail, Shooter set the beer down and looked back at the man he'd known through three of his four marriages. Was he doing it again? What the hell was wrong with him? This time the woman wasn't even a single lady, and the dude with the other very bad idea.

"You know, maybe you ought to slow down with this one. You said you're taking her to the RMA's, red carpet, after parties and the whole deal? She's still married to Coop, you think that's, you know, maybe not the best idea in the world?"


Laughing, Blade got up, crossed the deck and leaned back against the rail. "I can't wait to see his face! It's going to throw him off his game, wait and see, he'll blow it. He won't be coming alone either, you know that's not going to happen. It's better for Beth to be out in the middle of it with me than sitting at home watching him with another woman."

Shooter picked up his beer, drained it, frowning at him over the rim. "It's a bad idea, man. You do what you want, but it's one lousy idea."

“I know what I’m doing.”


Blade picked up one of Shooter’s skateboards, held it by the toe and studied it. Letting it fall, he placed his left boot on it and tried to balance. He kicked off with his other leg, the motion taking him careening, out of control, toward the stairs. Blade jumped off laughing as the board tumbled down and landed with a soft thud in the sand below.





Shooter winced; that was his favorite board. "You might want to be careful; you could end up falling on your ass and breaking something." Heading back to the kitchen for another beer he muttered, “like your damned hard head.”

South Beach - 60 Coast Road: 12 AM

"So is she like your dead wife?"

Duff poured another shot, looked at the glass and doubled it.  Blue pool light rippled across the walls.  The nude woman beside him had the complexion of a ghoul in that light, her nipples a ghastly shade of bleached pink, her nail polish almost black. He leaned back against the bar and took a drink. He could tell her he had never been married and let it go at that, but the remark amused him. "I don't have a dead wife."

He expected her to follow with 'ha ha' or 'I didn't know you were married' or 'who is she then'. She picked up her glass and drained it while looking at the painting and then said, "Oh." And she smiled. Her teeth shone, and they were blue like her skin. It was interesting; he wasn't sure he liked it, but it was interesting. Sliding one hand down, gripping one rounded globe of her ass, Duff studied the contrast in the color of his other hand against the pale breast it cupped.

"She's pretty even if she is dead." She was still smiling, searching for the right response and utterly failing to find it. He realized he couldn't remember her name. Cassandra. Or was it Charlotte was Rob's dog.

Duff focused on the painting, the one thing in the room that didn’t appear cold. He took in every detail from the fiery branches behind her to the elegance of her neck down to the ripe curves of her breasts. A lovely, sensitive thoroughbred woman. He’d imagined the hours he could spend teaching her ways to please him, the things he could do to her. His body stirred in response.

He set his drink down on the top of the bar along with the rest of the evening's consumption. He'd drunk too much. Turning his back on the blue woman, walking carefully through the glimmer, using the mirror propped against the wall to steady himself, Duff left the room. "Show yourself out. And leave the cognac; I've spent enough on you tonight.”

South Beach Metro East - Blue Point: 10 PM

Rob leaned forward, propping his arm on the table, quiet, intent on the young woman on the stage. She sang, she played, she showed off a pair of remarkable legs, but he knew her better as someone who partied hard than as a musician. She wasn't bad; she was pretty good; she had her father's voice and some of his talent.

Patient, he waited until she finished the first set,placed her $50,000 Gibson in the rack and strutted offstage on those long legs before he turned his attention to his companion. "The idea is to get Cooper on board by asking his daughter to volunteer, or is there another reason you're spending time on a total unknown?"

Sydney watched the girl. From her seat, she could see the activity in the corner, a makeshift staging area, and she was obviously interested in whatever was going on. This was the third year he'd gone along with her, doing what he could even if it was sitting through appalling performances while Syd managed her celebrity auction for some charity that seemed to change from year to year. She smiled and reached across the table for his hand, stroking his palm and wrist. She wasn't wearing the diamond. She quit wearing it a year ago with no explanation, but she was still wearing the wedding band, that slice of engraved white gold she would probably always wear.

"I'm hoping to get both Wyatt and Cooper." She leaned forward over the clutter of glasses and cocktail napkins; no one had bussed the table after the third round of drinks leaving his empty shot glasses crammed up against what was left of Syd's gin and tonic. "Wyatt's here, right over there with Rayne, and I believe that's Jimmy Breaux. I can probably get commitments from Rayne and Wyatt tonight, perhaps Jimmy as well. Cooper...he'll be easier to approach if his son and daughter have already committed. He refused me last year. He never agrees."

Peeling off a couple of $20's and tossing them on the table among the trash, Rob straightened his jacket, irritably wiped something sticky off his hands. He was distracted, looking at the girl with her boy, trying to push it aside and give Syd's business his attention, and he was tired. He wasn't sure he'd filled Charlotte's water bowl before he left the house. Find the bright note...if Cooper agreed to join Syd's annoying 'buy a date' celebrity auction and actually showed up, that could work to the band's advantage. It was something.

"Maybe this year he will. Maybe he'd like to stick it to his ex. Or maybe she'll be so overwhelmed at the sight of the man that she runs right back to him."

Sydney touched the corner of his mouth, lingering a moment along the curve of his lower lip. "I don't believe the woman is as taken with Alex as he would like or expects, nor is he as serious about this one as he was with the others. Alex is playing a game with another man, not a woman. You worry too much, darling. Wait for me, I shouldn't be long.”

Hunching his shoulders against the edge in the air, Rob walked across the parking lot outside the club and leaned against the hood of his car. It had long gone cold; they'd been here for...he checked himself and did not look at his watch. Roughly an hour and 15 minutes, give or take five or six, more like five. He had nowhere in particular to go after they left, was in no hurry, and, except for the uncomfortable cold, didn't mind sitting around out here for another half an hour.

Years ago he'd learned how to stand in the cold, how long he could bear it, how to stay alert, and the memories weren't entirely unpleasant: the thrill made up for the frostbite. He didn't regret giving it up, though: he would have been caught eventually. Lights flashed inside the club. Rob felt the heavy beat of the music pound up through his body, strong and sensual, and he crossed his arms, shivered a little, closed his eyes and fell into that beat.

She slid her hands under his shirt, warmth against cold skin, silently rocking against him, nipping the side of his throat, biting down before turning her mouth to find his. He kept his eyes closed. He knew her taste, her scent, her rhythm, and it was dark and it was deserted. He slowly stroked her bare thigh, still warm, she was always warm, gliding higher until he wrapped long fingers around the silk ribbon of her panties. "Here," Sydney breathed into his mouth. The buckle on his belt clicked in the quiet as she loosened it. "Here and now, angel..."

The risk, the surge of adrenaline a pop, a high octane rush pumping heat into explosive sex, every time they risked it, every time was hotter than the last. One step around the side of the car into the shadow, and he was inside her moving in tempo with her gasps. One long silky leg moved higher wrapping around his hip drawing him closer and intensifying the act. Pulses racing, their breath misting in the night air they held each other as the last wave of orgasm washed over them.

Someone shouted from the other side of the parking lot, a long echoing WOOT WOOT of laughing appreciation, two men punching each other, one of the yelling WAY TO GO or something similar. Syd threw back her blond head on her long pale throat and laughed along with them.

"You're going home tonight?" He held the car door for her as she slid onto the seat, moving slowly, showing off her legs. She murmured yes. And kissed him. And drove off.

Rob stood for a while in the dark and the cold, watching the winter rain, watching the taillights disappear, before he kicked silently, absently, at trash on the pavement, got into his own car, started the engine and let it idle. The rain beat down on the windshield while he watched it and leaned back, wrapped stiff cold fingers around the wheel and drove the damned car out of the lot and onto the dark wet street.




  1. Humm...

    I can't wait to see how this auction and the RMAs turn out! Two big events that promise all sorts of tension.

    Blade's disregard for Shooter's space is pretty funny--Blade just never seems to have things together. He sort of drifts along and falls into things, and his lack of consideration seems to go right along with those same features. It would be pretty interesting to see him come face to face with Rayne, especially since she's not much like what he seems to imagine.

    Rob's situation kinda breaks my heart. He's settling for moments with someone who seems to have no intention of ever changing her life to really be with him. Then again, maybe he likes it that way...their scene was especially steamy, whew. I wonder if Sydney will get all of the players set up for the auction...

    Wonderful, and so exciting! Absolutely loving the direction this series has taken!

  2. Nooooooo, Blogger ate my comment!! I really have to start copying these before I hit "post" so that I can remember what I said.

    I like Shooter. In fact I like him more every time I see him, but I have to wonder what motivates him to stay with the band given that Duff and Blade, with their blatant disregard for him and for his things, irk him so much. Is it the music? Is being a part of something/a band that important to him? Or is it Rob who keeps him there? I'd like to know more about that relationship as, according to his bio, it's Rob who got him into Flight in the first place.

    Like Rachel, I'm curious as to what happens when Duff finally comes face to face with Rayne and his fantasy collides with her reality.

    Sydney seems very astute, but I wonder if she is as good a reader of character as she thinks she is? Sure, there's an element of getting at Cooper in Blade's pursuit of Beth, but I think there's more to it as well. As for her plans for the Stanfields and the auction - I can see Wyatt shrugging and going "why not", but I'm not sure if Rayne will be so easy to convince and "cold day in hell" springs to mind when I think of Cooper's reaction. Actually, his words would probably be a little more colourful, but you get the idea.

  3. These just get better and better. This auction ought to be interesting especially if Cooper agrees to do it. I wonder how much Beth would pay for him at this point? And if she shows up with Blade to the RMAs, I think Cooper would explode. So funny how Blade refuses to listen to Shooter much like Coop would gloss over Slim's advice sometimes.

    Rob and Syd could take over the world with the way that they scheme together. And who is she married too? I'm dying to find that out. I wonder if Rob knows the person.

    Duff has a handful for a dream girl and when they finally do meet I wonder if the dream will measure up with the reality.

    Each time we find out new things about this group a whole new set of questions arise for me. So many layers I can't wait to see pulled back. Great update!

  4. I think it's interesting that Rob is the one attached to a married female. Usually it's the other way around. He seems content with the relationship as is. Makes me wonder if earlier on if he pushed for something more and learned the hard way Syd wasn't willing to give it. Hmmm...

    Lord, this is going to lead to a big blow up. The auction, the RMA' should be interesting to see what happens when all these stars collide. Literally.

    That girl with Duff should have left well enough alone but she kept digging and got herself kicked out! *shakes head* Do dreams/fantasies ever live up to the reality?

    Shooter seems like the slow, steady one while everyone else is going off in wild directions. What makes him tick?

    This was so sexy. Amazingly done!

  5. Rachel, we're looking forward to both the auction and the RMA's, but we've got quite a bit to cover before we get there. It's funny because both of us want to leap right over everything and write those pieces RIGHT NOW.

    Blade does seem to drift along, falling into love, falling in and out of marriages, falling over things, and his lack of consideration may explain the general failure of his relationships. He's not a bad guy but his energy and attention are definitely focused on himself.

    Duff. Yeah. Rayne may or may not match his expectations; there's more to her than the pretty girl in the portrait.

    For someone as controlled and controlling as Rob, he has accepted a situation that does not appear to be ideal, not for him. Syd matches him so perfectly though: he would have a hard time finding someone with such a combination of traits.

    thanks so much from both of us! We're having fun with this and see many many layers

  6. Illandrya, isn't that annoying? It happened to me so frequently, and usually after I'd written a marathon comment, that I've started copying all my comments now just in case I have to paste one back again.

    Gayl and I are increasingly fond of Shooter. What motivates him to stay with the band? Well, he's making a lot of money; it's his job; and he would find similar drama and more strange people if he quit Flight and found another band. Duff definitely gets on his nerves; Blade is more a minor irritant, a high maintenance star with a large ego. We're going to do more with him, and putting him together with Rob is in the plan.

    We're leaning more about Duff (and all of them actually) as we go on. It may be hard to convince him that the real girl doesn't match his fantasy. I think Rayne is in for a shock.

    Sydney is astute but not infallible. It takes empathy to really understand someone else's motivations, and she doesn't have a great deal of that. Rayne could be talked into participating in the auction, but you're right: it will take something very special to convince Cooper to do it. He already puts himself out there as a figure of fantasy without taking it to a personal level.

    Thank you so much from both of us! And I look forward to seeing your new blog!

  7. Muzegoddess, thank you!!! We were screaming with frustration over crashes; it is a real challenge to get these posted.

    The auction: do you think Beth would bid on Cooper at all? If he shows up. I doubt it. I doubt he would expect it. Blade certainly feels very confident. But that's Blade. and yeah, it does sort of remind me of Coop and Slim, although Shooter isn't on best friends terms with Blade.

    Gayl and I were just talking about Syd's husband, who he is, whether Rob knows him, whether Husband knows what's going on (sort of hard to believe he wouldn't).

    Duff himself is unfolding in very interesting ways. It's possible that Rayne would find herself overmatched with this man. He's...well...different.

    Thank you again, for all your support, for all your advice. We really appreciate it.

  8. Hey Phoenix!

    It is a little unusual, Rob as the male attached to a married female. It fit almost from the moment we started putting this together. It fits his personality, and yet there's a conflict. Rob likes to be in control. He is not, not with this relationship, and although he seems content, I don't think he's happy. It's comfortable and it works but there isn't that next level.

    Yeah we hope it's going to be interesting when we put everybody together! There are people who really do not like each other at all, and they will be literally colliding in a small space.

    Duff and his fantasy: do the dreams and fantasies ever live up to the reality? I guess that depends on how wild and unrealistic the fantasy is. Duff's fantasy is pretty specific and detailed, and he has reason to believe it's possible.

    We'll do more with Shooter. We both love him and don't want him to be overshadowed by the other guys. I have a feeling that's something he's used to.

    Thank you SO MUCH!!

  9. I like Blade, I really do...but this game he is playing is going to get someone hurt and I personally believe it will be his "someone special". Trying so hard to stick it to Cooper, he is not considering how his "pawn" will be impacted and where she'll stand when he decides to fold up the board, put back the pieces and move on to another game. Blade is right, it is going to blow up!

    Duuf, I find it so interest the way Duff stares at that picture of Rayne! I have a feeling that he won't have a hard shell when he meets her, then again he might! lol

    Rob is just so sexy! Everything about him! His demeanor, everything! Can't explain it but I will be overjoyed when he leaves Syd alone. If he ever leaves her alone!

    Just go word from my selfsim and she wants an invite to this auction! lol

    I was so pressed to read this that I tried when I came in this morning with blurred vision and the inability to keep my eyes open! Just shows how much I love this!

  10. Qui, Rob is HOT LOL! Gayl and I were admiring him as we went through this. I'm so glad I found that suit for him: he's kind of difficult to dress.

    Blade is more attached than he lets on, but he's not in love. Fortunately, neither is his 'special someone', not with him anyway. They're dating, and the dating will probably get physical. If he keeps pushing it in Cooper's face, something eventually will blow up.

    Duff and Rayne will be interesting...

    thank you!! that is HUGELY flattering!! Get some coffee and some sleep and Happy New Year from both of us!

  11. I won't repeat a lot of what Beth has already mentioned but I did want to say that we are very VERY excited about the auction and the RMAs. We have both been chomping at the bit to get there as she said and it has been difficult to pull back and take our time.

    As for Shooter, he is a bit overshadowed by the egos of the other three, mostly by Duff who he does not like and Blade who is...Blade. Shooter is laid back and not so much finicky about his stuff aside from his drums and his boards.

    The speculation about Duff and Rayne has me completely fascinated!

    Thank you all so much for your continued support. We love doing this; the thoughts we get from you encourage us and definitely keep us on our toes.

  12. I like the pace you are introducing the characters here, and building up to the auction. Giving us a peek into the inner workings of these guys.
    Duff was interesting, his phantom fuck, his way cool house, the lighting was awesome, giving it an arctic chill, everything but Duff and the painting.
    Rob is a puzzle, love how he was thinking of Charlotte's water dish, awww.
    Hot quick sex in a dingy parking lot, makes me want to know more about this couple.
    Blade's devil may care outward 'tude continues.
    Shooter seems to be the level headed one in this eclectic mix.
    Well done, shots, writing, the whole enchilada.

  13. thank you, Drew. We're trying to go slow, take our time to work out the relationships, the personalities, and the situations without rushing forward.

    Duff is stranger than he might so far appear. Wealthy, narcissistic, debauched, and with some interesting preferences. I worked so hard on that set and that lighting and those poses. One of them, and I'm sure it's not apparent, took me the better part of an hour.

    Blade is...well Blade. Very full of himself and caught up in his king of the hill game. He would not have married so many times if there wasn't another side to him, though. He can be surprisingly and genuinely empathetic.

    Shooter is a doll.

    And Rob...He is the real puzzle. He does worry about his dog. The affection he saw between Rayne and Jimmy briefly got to him, at least it distracted him. He seems to think he loves this woman, and he loves risk, but happy and content do not describe him at all. Maybe he wouldn't like happy and content.

    thank you so much. It's been a very rough couple of weeks, and it was so good to get a comment from you!

  14. Continuing to enjoy these AMAZING stories! You guys really bring such life to your characters.

    I'm curious to know how the auction will go...I almost want Beth to bid on Cooper anonymously, and meet up with him later...just to see if they can save what they had. They both made such awful mistakes, but the worst mistake may be to not try again. If anything, they both should realize that temporary "distractions" (as in Blade and Coop's "frustration releases) never help matters. What they need is some one on one time. ;)

    Thanks again for sharing these stories!

  15. oh anon THANK YOU!! We write for a very small audience but we love what we do, so it is fantastic when someone like you lets us know that it works! I'm so glad you're sticking with us.

    The auction is going to be fun. We're looking forward to writing it, and I think we have some surprises in store.

    Cooper and Beth are both unhappy apart but they're not communicating; he knows she's seeing Blade; she would not know about the 'frustration release' women but would certainly assume something like it was going on.

    thank you again, from both of us, for your time and your feedback. It means more than we can express.

  16. I read this as soon as it came out, so sorry it's taken this long to come back and comment. But I really had t think on it (and reread!) The relationships here are so interesting. They start out one way, but even in the little view we get they change ever so slightly.

    Like Rob's surprised me. He seems like a rather straightforward man who wouldn't take crap. Just his profile had me intimidated (and his looks man if he were a real person, he'd be like leagues beyond anyone I could ever talk to). But it's interesting here to see him vulnerable. I love the comparison of cold versus heat with him and Sydney. Perfect combination. He does come across as cold at first glance (his expression, his pale skin and pale hair), but interestingly it's him who's into her, and she's the one who's brushing him off.

    And Duff and that painting, yeah I'd like to see him actually meet Rayne. I wonder what she'd think.

  17. Lunar thank you from both of us. You've been such a source of support in so many ways.

    Rob is a very complex person. Cool and stunning and intimidating, and in control. Except he's not. Sydney is the one driving the relationship, Rob's personal life. And Blade is the one driving the band, Rob's professional life. He's able to deal with it, but he's frustrated, tired, and disappointed.

    Duff. Duff kind of reminds me of that quote from the Lion King when Simba says 'Uncle Scar, you're so strange' and Scar says 'You have no idea...' We will leave it at that. Rayne's reaction to him will be interesting.

    There's never any reason to worry about getting a comment in. We're not going anywhere. Thank you again, from both of us!

  18. Wow, I need to start checking the thread at VSS more often - I'm so late getting around to reading this! I kind of feel like I'm just going to rehash what others have said but here goes anyway!

    Anyway, I'm liking Blade more and more. I was previously a little bit iffy about him. At the moment though, I can see that he's mostly interested in himself but he somehow manages to make that seem kind of charming!

    I'm feeling sad for Rob. Seems like Sydney's calling all the shots and there's not much he can do. He's interesting and I was surprised by him too, like Lunar.

    Like the others, I'm excited to see what results from the auction and the RMAs! I can definitely imagine why you guys are so keen to get going with that - I always think those big events are really fun. Fun to stage and fun to read about as well. It sounds like these two events are going to stir things up a bit!

  19. thanks Carla, but we posted it in the middle of the holidays so we didn't expect people to drop everything!

    Blade is self centered but very very charming. Kind of goofy cute. And he can be really sweet.

    Rob is one of those characters who reveal themselves slowly. We knew he was a risk taker, almost a risk junkie, but part of that is his desire to be in control of situations. He's a complicated person who cares about his dog and is in love with a woman who might seem perfect for him except for the married part, but I'm thinking really isn't.

    We're pretty keen all right! Forcing ourselves to take our time and not skip through. Thank you so much!!

  20. I'm all caught up on the chapters and as always into the storylines behind each of the characters. Mystery, intrigue, frustration...gotta just love the melting pot of various degrees this story gets into; it never quits, nor would I want it to.

    Like everyone, looking forward to the Bachelor auction revelation but will be patient until it is time for them. <3

  21. Jean, thank you! We're going in a little different direction by adding the new band and the new characters while still continuing to follow some of the existing major characters. So glad it worked for you.

    We'll get there. Both Gayl and I have a lot on our plates in RL, so we don't get these updates out as frequently as we would like, but we are definitely looking forward to the auction.

    Thank you again, so much, from both of us!

  22. I took the shortcut and read the summaries so I can get current. I do plan to read them all from the beginning, but I appreciate that you gave us a way to get on board right away - a great idea!

    I love the complex characters you've created and intertwined - I think poor Shooter is the only one without severe issues! Lol!

    I must say I'm really intrigued by Rob. I wonder how long he'll be content with his "arrangement" with Syd.
    It's so painful to watch Cooper and Beth circling each other. Needing each other, hurting each other...tragic, but it makes you hope that something will happen that will make them both realize what's really important.

    Duff and Rayne...this should be interesting!

    Thanks again for giving us newcomers a shortcut to this wonderful story! I'll be catching up with the details asap!

  23. Hi Jillyson! What a wonderful surprise to find a comment from you!

    Writing those summaries took a little bit of time, and they sound awful boiled down like that, but I'm glad they help.

    Gayl and I both love Shooter. He's definitely the only one without some kind of issue. Rob is a really intriguing character to work with; he kind of changes on you. He's not exactly what he seems to be.

    Duff and Rayne. Yes. That LOL!

    Coop and Beth have a lot to work through. It was her infidelity that set all this in motion, but he isn't without responsibility either.

    Again, thank you SO MUCH from both of us! We are thrilled that you took the time to read and to let us know what you thought!

  24. Syd and Rob are so suspicious. I love it. I feel like there's a genuine friend relationship between the two but there might be something more (besides the obvious sex). Like Carla said, it seems as though she's calling the shots and he's along for the ride. At least that's how it seems.

    Blade is being ballsy. I like the foreshadowing with the skateboard. Just because you think you can do something doesn't mean you should. Isn't that life though? Until you hurt your head (or other body part), it probably won't set in any other way.

    Nice work ladies!

  25. Thank you Choco! We're both having fun with this, so it is wonderful to know it's working.

    Syd and Rob do have a genuine friendship apart from the sex. It does look like she's calling the shots. So far.

    Blade's got a lot of self confidence that's for sure. He's been knocked down more than once with all the failed marriages (and it's safe to assume he did care), but he doesn't seem to have learned much yet.

    Thank you again, so much, from both of us! We write because we love it but getting feedback is frankly incredible.

  26. Will Duff ever make a move on Rainie? or will he spend the rest of his life admiring her picture?

    sometimes I also think Rob is right, Blade is not trying to win the woman, he is trying to beat the man!!
    But we will see...

    I wonder what will happen at the Red Carpet... how will Cooper react when Beth walks hand on hand with Blade!!! who will be Cooper's date! oh no.. I can't wait!!!

  27. S@n, there are consequences to putting a move on Rainie. Duff's not your boy next door, and although he can get away with his kink with anonymous girls, Cooper's daughter is very different. He doesn't want to cause trouble for the band either. So he's hesitating.

    Cooper won't be surprised when Beth shows up with Blade. He won't be at all happy about it, but he won't be surprised. He'll have a date, too. We're going to keep that a surprise LOL!

    Thank you!!

  28. *Fans self*

    That was hot!! There's nothing more exciting than the outdoors, when there's a possibility of getting caught. I don't blame them one bit!

    So this is the hot sex scene that Daijah told me about, and this is Rob. On and doesn't Blade know anything about guy code?? Dude, you don't go after your friend's girl. Period.

    I'll be back to read more!

  29. tommiegirl, I think Dai was referring to a sex scene with Duff. That one goes in a very different direction with some pretty major kink LOL! It's a few chapters further along.

    Blade's focused on a competition between him and Coop more than anything else. The women aren't that important to him right now, with probably one major exception and that's his ex Danica. Beth Stanfield is a means to an end although he's fond of her.

    Thank you from both of us!