Monday, February 28, 2011

Studio Time: Six

South Beach Metro: Red Label Studio, Chinatown - 8 PM

"This is the kind of light you want? It's a little dark don’t you think?" Rafe glanced around the court, scanning past the arch into the park and the Chinatown bars across the street. "Maybe I should stay with you."

Randi placed her camera carefully on the table top, watching the spray from the fountain, making sure she'd chosen a table that wouldn't get wet. She shouldn't have caught a ride into town with him; she should have known he'd get all puffed up when he saw the place she wanted to shoot, and she should have known he would want to hang around. "You said you had things to do, Dad," she reminded him. "You said you were going to drop by Red Label and line up an interview. There's nothing wrong with this place. It's perfectly safe."

She heard her friend's voice before she saw her, and so did her father. Rafe turned, watched Rayne Stanfield strolling up from the other side of the street, and ripped a cold stare down at his daughter. "I see. Is she supposed to improve the safety?"

"She's fine, Dad, she's much better, we're just going to grab some coffee and talk while I get these shots. It'll be all right, ok?"

Rayne tossed an expensive handbag onto the table next to the camera, barely missing it, and smiled and said hello and smiled a little more tentatively at Rafe. "Hi, Mr. Taylor. How are you? How's everybody?"

He raised an eyebrow, shifted his weight, looked skeptical, and then relented. "They're good, thanks. Coffee," he repeated, looking meaningfully at Randi. "And stay here. I'll be back in about an hour."

"Someone put a rose in my guitar case last night."

Randi walked down the edge of the fountain pool and checked her light meter. "A rose? Like the flowers people give opera singers?"

"Not exactly. Whoever did it snuck it into the case; they didn't walk up and hand it to me. And it wasn't a bouquet, it was one flower. Don't you think that's kind of creepy?"

Randi raised the camera, snapped a few shots and then turned back toward Rayne. "Yes. No. Well, maybe a little."

Rayne toyed restlessly with the buckle on the cuff of her jacket. "Toad thinks whoever did it was just a shy dork. You know what though, some guy deliberately brushed up against me just before I found the flower, and I swear he had a hard on. He was right up against me, and I was wearing that stupid cowgirl skirt that always rides up so I could feel it. That doesn't sound like a shy dork to me."

Holding her breath for just a moment before exhaling Randi set her camera down and gripped the back of one of the iron chairs. She looked at Rayne for a long moment and thought about Ezra and Will, how different they were and how infatuated she was with her mentor. "No it doesn't exactly sound like a shy dork but it isn't exactly creepy either. Honestly Rayne don't you ever think about dating someone other than Jimmy? Someone mature and just a little dangerous?"

Rayne stared at her, quit fussing with the jacket and got in the way of her shot. "What are you talking about? Mature and dangerous sounds like some sort of vampire. I haven't been with Jimmy for very long, and maybe I won't be with him for the rest of my life but right now I'm happy. So who's the mature and dangerous you're talking about?"

The doors of the recording studio next door opened and two men that Randi recognized from the band Flight had exited the building and headed toward the cafe. They both sat at a table, the darker more mysterious one catching her eye. His eyes widened for a moment as if in recognition and his mouth curved in a slight smile. Randi nearly gasped as her body reacted to the effects of that smile.

Dragging her attention back to Rayne, who seemed lost in thoughts of her own, Randi folded her arms and explained. "It's Ezra, the artist I told you about. I've been with Will since we were in high school and I do love him but..." Randi glanced back at the two men at the table and returned a seductive smile of her own. "I am totally in lust with him Rainie. Ezra, I mean. He's so...mysterious, dark, I don't know what it is, but I'd really like to find out."

Rayne cocked her head to one side and smiled curiously at Randi as she placed a hand on one hip. "Dark and dangerous as in kinky, hand cuffs, tie you to the bed? Really?"

Randi's cheeks colored a little. Of course that wasn't what she meant was it? Her eyes drifted back to the two guys watching them. They were both incredibly hot and she tried to remember their names. Rob and...what was his name? She couldn't think when he was looking at her like that, so intense, like she was naked, a sweet treat that he wanted to devour. She was considering approaching them. She had a camera in her hands, she could use it as an excuse, a reason to walk over there. She smiled again and flipped her hair over her shoulders but they had stood and headed back toward the studio.

"Randi are you listening to me? What the hell are you staring at?"

Rayne turned around and followed the direction of Randi's gaze. She caught sight of the backs of two men who had just turned the corner. Randi watched as her best friend shivered, placed a steadying hand on the table and shook her head as if she couldn't quite believe what she had seen.

Randi gently touched her arm, feeling the chill through the sleeve, as Rayne looked after them with a slightly haunted expression. "Come on, let's finish getting these shots before my dad gets back."

South Beach: 60 Coast Road 10 PM

duff 1

Too restless to sleep, Duff paced back and forth from the living room to his bedroom. Sleep would be difficult when distracting thoughts of Rayne kept his imagination going at full speed. Two nights ago he had been standing so close to her, so close that the warmth of her body, the heady aroma of her unique scent fanned the flames of his obsession with her.


The unexpected encounter this evening turned up the fever. Even the idea of bringing someone else home to fuck was distasteful. He wanted Rayne and no amount of imagining it was her writhing under him would suffice. He'd know the difference. He could have approached her tonight, but he wasn't ready; he wanted to control the moment when they met. Tonight was not the time.

duff 3

She probably had no idea, no way to understand the power she could wield over him, her sensuality. He would teach her everything. Tired, overheated and aroused, Duff stripped and stretched out across his bed, searching for sleep, not finding it, and finally reaching for fantasy. It would be a partial and unsatisfactory release, but, for now, it would have to suffice. He did not expect to wait too much longer for the reality.

duff 4

Smiling at the cliche his imagination conjured, Duff fantasized Rayne walking into a darkened office dressed like a school girl, sexy, seductive and somewhat naive. It was hot, sticky hot, and he was sitting behind a desk looking cool despite the heat. A rusty fan rattled on one corner of the desk barely disturbing the heavy, heated air. The scent of her wafted toward him in that thick air and his crotch reacted at the thought.

duff 5

duff 6

Rayne stood there hands on hips wearing platform shoes and silk stockings that hugged her long legs. She moves toward his desk and leans in provocatively, that sweet ass tilted up and her cleavage on display for him to admire. "You wanted to see me?" she would ask him.

Duff licked his lips and imagined his hands flexing with the desire to run them brazenly over her curves. He would take his pleasure slowly, make every moment last as he taught her to please him. First he needed to remind her who was in control.

Rising, never taking his eyes off hers, he rests his hands on the desk and waits to allow the full weight of his gaze to intimidate her. Air from the fan fluttered the silk shirt he wore against his torso like caressing silk fingers.

“You’re late. I expected you fifteen minutes ago.” His voice would remain stern, flat.

duff 7

Rayne would step away from the desk and sweep her hair back the way he had seen her do when he’d watched her in the past. “You’re angry with me please don’t be mad. I dressed up the way you wanted.” Her voice would be pleading and teasing simultaneously.

He would move toward her slowly lowering his voice to a low and menacing tone. “I don’t like it when you don’t follow all my instructions. You’ll need to be taught a lesson.”

duff 8

“I’m sorry...” Rayne’s voice was barely above a whisper. She hangs her head, unable to look him in the eyes.

He would appear unmoved despite the raging hard-on in his pants. “If you’re sorry then you’ll need to prove it won’t you? Stop wasting time; strip off those clothes and move over!”

duff 9

Rayne would quickly pull her shirt over her head tossing it to the side and slip off that short skirt until all she wore was her lingerie. It was pink just as he had wanted, a soft feminine shade that he imagined against the dark tan of her skin. Picking up a crop he would run the tip of it along the inside of her thighs and spread them apart. Sweeping it along her sides he forces her arms up and, pushing her, growls at her to grasp the mesh screen.

duff 10

She shivers as he continues to stroke her with the crop. He teases her with it, taunts her with all the things he could and will do to her, sliding it along her thin lace panties until she gasps. Rayne trembles and he smiles. He would have her doing much more than trembling...soon.

duff 11

Tossing his crop aside he takes Rayne’s arm and moves away firmly pulling her toward him. Taking hold of a chair, he sits and pulls her down to the floor. Rayne lays her head on his thigh rubbing her cheek against it - his little pet. He slides his hand along her shoulder blade toying with her strap until he peels it from her shoulder and begins to pull on the other one. He is hard as a rock and throbbing with the need to bury himself in her, to split her in half with his lust.

Patience, he tells himself, she has a lot to learn. “There’s a good girl. Now take off the rest of your clothes...slowly...and come to me.”

duff 12

Duff shuddered his release, breathing heavily and reaching for some sort of control. His eyes narrowed as he stood near the open door to allow the night air to cool his sweat covered body. He hadn’t been this obsessed with a woman since...well it had been awhile.

Where had he left his keys?  On the bureau.

duff 13

duff 14

Sandy Point: 1100 Bridge Pass - 11 PM

R D 1

"Do you see something scary, P.D.?"

RD 2

RD 3

The dog whuffed, a deep uneasy horsey snort, then turned and padded heavily up the deck stairs. He flopped down beside her and sighed. Rayne shifted on the cold boards, stroked down the stiff hair on the back of his neck as she looked out at the dark water. "Do you think there’s something out there?"

RD 4

The hairs on the back of her own neck stood up and Rayne shivered. The dog whimpered and nudged her hand. She stroked him once more finding comfort and giving it and whispered, "Yeah, me too."

RD 6


Authors' Notes: Randi's encounter with Ezra can be found HERE

Inspiration Credit: To Yuxi for the Club Hemisphere design.


  1. Blogger is giving me so much hell! I'm surprised I can comment!

    His obsession with her is...WOW! When the both of you described him as kinky, I had not even thought to this extent!
    Him sitting outside of her house is scary as hell and I am over the moon anxious to see just how far this goes!!
    It was good to see Randi, Rafe, and of course Rob again!
    Oh and I don't blame Randi for her interest in Ezra! Even the simple things about their encounter seem seductive!

    Loved this Update and very happy to see it!

  2. Hi Qui!

    Gayl and I thought about whether we should as far as we have and will go with Duff...the impact wouldn't be the same if we didn't, so we did.

    Randi and Ezra...yes!

    Thank you so much!! And I loved your interview on VSS: I'm so glad you did it. And thank you for what you said.

  3. Wow!! Duff is a total Dom! I knew it! LOL!! That's so attractive on him. At least he knows what he's doing and not pretending at it. I don't know if Rayne would be up for that though...who knows since she spent so much time chasing after something that wasn't real? Nothing wrong with a little kink though! ;)

    Oh Randi and Ezra...I imagine it's hard being with someone for so long without wanting to experience something else. Especially at their age...

    I missed you guys! Glad to see you back! Loved this update! The shots were exquisite. Especially the shots of Duff and his fantasy!

  4. *sigh* That last comment was mine! I was signed into the wrong account!:P

  5. I'm glad you did go this far. Of course you know me and disturbing characters, lol.

    Duff before was menacing and delusional. Duff now is bordering on dangerous and obsessive. Sitting outside her house gives me a creepy feeling too. She needs to go back in her house!

    Also- yay for an update!

  6. I don't think "kinky" is the right word to describe Duff. He's a total stalker. He's a fascinating character, for sure, but I can't say I'd care to meet him in real life :S

    Good thing Rayne has the dog here... :S

  7. Phoenix...hehe...yes he is a total Dom and no he doesn't deny it. He's in a position where he doesn't have to. Rayne's reaction will be interesting.

    We really enjoyed bringing in Randi. The friendship she has with Rayne is real and longstanding, and she has a different personality. Female friendships have played an important role in our story but they kind of get lost in the drama. And Randi is certainly hot for Ezra.

    Thank you on the shots! Hard, hard HARD to do, at least for me.

  8. Lunar, you're one person who really would appreciate a disturbing character LOL! Duff is definitely obsessive. Dangerous? Maybe, but he is frightening.

    Thank you for all your support. Both of us really appreciate it. Thank you...

  9. Van, ok kinky and a stalker! He's taking his time, building up his own fever and waiting for the perfect moment. Duff has a lot of personal charm, charisma and sex appeal: it's unlikely he would come off as scary in person. Rayne is facing someone unlike anyone she has ever met before.

    Take care of yourself, ok? And thank you, from both of us.

  10. Beautiful sets - isn't it great to have so many talented people in the sims comm to help with them?

    Duff though.... *shudders*

    Nothing wrong with being a Dom, if you have a willing Sub. His obsession with Rayne is creeping me out massively, and I can't see her being so submissive (read: I wouldn't want her to be).

  11. "Sounds like some sort of vampire" LMAO!!!

    Oh, wow! I greatly admire and envy the ability to write with such courage from such a disturbed, frightening, and convincing POV character! Wow, I'm taking notes, ladies! I'd love to be able to write so far outside my own comfort zones. Bravo, on this! *applauds*

    I'm going to echo Rad here - I'm sure if he wanted to, his kinks could be brought out in a perfectly healthy way. He's just not giving me the "healthy" impression, lol! What worries me the most is that he seems so - I don't know - intrusive? He's definitely stepping over lines here. I'm very scared for her!

  12. Rad...the sets. Talk about an obsession. It's possible to spend far too much time on them. I can spend weeks studying how someone used beautiful materials and never quite get there. I am in awe of the pure design talent in the community.

    Duff is an interesting character. He's indulged his particular pleasure without causing too much trouble for himself or anyone else. The obsession with Rayne is pushing him further than he's gone before; it's not an appetite he's familiar with or one he seems to really know how to handle. Rayne isn't a natural submissive, not at all, but she's very young and she's fallen into some pretty strange fantasies of her own.

    Thank you so much from both of us!

  13. Laura, thank you!! What a wonderful compliment!

    It's hard to get into his head and avoid making him a monster or a villain, which he is not. He's not a psychopath or a serial killer, and despite Shooter's reservations, Duff has never really hurt anybody, not anybody who didn't want to be there. Gayl has better insight than I do. Duff and Rayne, maybe Beauty and the Beast with a twist? He's not tormented, not by anything except his fascination with this girl, but that fascination is driving him with a whip, and he is totally unlike anyone Rayne has ever met before.

    I am tremendously flattered. From both of us again, thank you!

  14. Wow! Is it wrong that I find Duff kinda hott? I love this. I cannot wait to see the interactions that could take place between him and Rayne......I am so super excited!!


  15. whoops! that comment under Zack is meeeee!

  16. I want to jump in here and thank everyone who has continued to support us. One thing that did worry me was what people would think of Duff. He is very complex and writing his character without painting him as completely unlikeable is not easy. It is almost frightening how easy it is to slip into his head...

    Again thank you all so much for your constant support. I am not well at the moment so please forgive my not addressing each of you individually.

  17. Hi there Rayne! No it's NOT wrong to think that Duff is kinda hot; he is very hot LOL! Whether Rainie will think it's fascinating and seductive or really creepy is another matter. Thank you so much for reading and leaving us a comment. We're both really delighted you're enjoying this!

  18. Duff does not creep me out at all, which I suppose speaks volumes about me.
    I find this fascinating, as I am going down a dark road with a character.
    Well done with the sex kitten/school girl whip fantasy. Who knows, maybe Rayne will like this fetish/fantasy stuff. Whatever floats your boat.
    Nice to see Rafe again.
    Thanks for the great slice of strange with my morning tea.

  19. Hi Karen! I look forward to reading about the dark road you are taking your character. You always do such a wonderful job!

    Thank you from both of us, and a special thanks for the image of you reading about kink while drinking your morning tea!

  20. First of all, the lighting and the staging and...hell, just everything in that first scene was unbelievable. I am in awe!

    Duff is just fascinating and quite unsettling! What piqued my interest was this part:

    "He hadn’t been this obsessed with a woman since...well it had been awhile. "

    It really makes me wonder what became of the last woman and what she thinks of Duff now.

  21. Oh Carla, thank you. I tried so hard to get the lighting and staging for the first scene right and never could get what I imagined so THANK YOU.

    And you're the only one who picked up on that. There was another woman.

    Duff is a complicated set of variables, some of them in conflict with one another. He has to work with three other men in a very competitive industry, work with them to produce something that will sell. And he's the one they would probably dump first. And he knows it.

    I'm constantly looking at what you do and wondering how you do it, so I hope you know how much I appreciate any comment from you. Thank you -- from both of us!

  22. That was steamy and sizzling, from start to finish! First, the flirty glances between Randi & Ezra...then Duff!

    Such tantalizing writing, taking us through each part of that fantasy with him - I swear I was there! This guy has it bad, and I'm curious about the past "obsession".

    I am absolutely on the edge of my seat, waiting for these two to finally find themselves face to face.

    Those shots of Duff gave me plenty of fantasies of my own! Lol!

    Fabulous chapter - SO worth the wait!

  23. Stunning, shots as always. And what a thrilling glimpse into Duff's mind.

    I'm dying to see what Rayne's reaction will be if and when she and Duff go that route.

    I loved the sets and the lighting from the first scene, right down to Duffy's dark, somewhat disturbing, but still sexy fantasy.

    Your work continues to amaze and inspire me.

  24. Jillyson...if we are providing fantasies, we are delighted LOL! Duff is one seductive, complicated, seriously dark character.

    It won't be long before we bring them together.

    Thank you so much!!

  25. Val!! And a compliment from you about the shots really makes my day!

    Rayne is a complex mix herself, prone to fantasizing, and she hasn't had a lot of experience apart from boyfriends. Duff is going to be a whole different thing for her. But then she's not exactly like the girl he's obsessing over in his mind.

    It means a great deal to both of us that you continue to read and support us. Thank you...

  26. As usual, I loved every shot in this one. The color, the light, the different perspectives, just beautiful. And Duff has quite the vivid imagination, I can see how easy it would be to write him as some sick pervert that no one would every want to be alone in the dark with, but a great balance has been portrayed that takes us deep into his psyche without going totally darkside.

    He's certainly got his work cut out for him if he's going to have Rayne as his naughty little puppet. Can't wait until these two meet properly.

    Great update!

  27. Thank you so much Muzegoddess.

    I think it's always too easy to paint someone like Duff as a villain. He's not. He's making a mistake, or at this point it appears he is. His behavior is more than borderline stalking. But then, Rayne pursued someone and caused far more harm than Duff ever has. That's my defense of him. However, Rayne is likely to be unnerved; she already is.

    We can't wait for them to meet either! We've got it planned out, and hope it will live up to expectations.

    Thank you again for the lovely compliment on the shots. It took me a long, long time to put those sets together, so I really appreciate it.

  28. Goodness!

    This chapter is amazing! The shots and the text, the dialogue--everything is just perfect.

    Poor Randi. I hope her desire for something different doesn't lead her into any trouble. She doesn't seem to have the same instincts that Rayne has concerning creepy men. Maybe she does like the whole idea, the whole fantasy aspect of that kind of man, but Rayne prefers unvarnished reality. That's really interesting, because she was obsessed with a fantasy herself for so long--maybe it taught her something.

    Duff's obsession with control is so interesting. He wants it in the seduction process he has in real life as well as in his fantasies. One wonders if he could even get aroused if he didn't have control in a situation....

    Once again, what an amazing chapter, and you both are so brave! The results are stunning!

  29. Thank you from both of us, Rachel. We're trying to keep Duff from coming off as a complete psycho; he's not, although he is definitely different. Control is his thing, that's for sure.

    Randi is a little earthier than Rayne, more willing to experiment. Rayne's fantasy burned her hard and she hasn't forgotten. Not yet anyway.

    We had fun with the shots when they didn't drive us crazy LOL! Thank you so much!

  30. Oh my. That whole fantasy had me blushing. What an imagination Duff has.

    I'm interested to know who he was last obsessed with. Better yet, how many women has he been obsessed with?

  31. Choco...getting into his head is definitely a challenge. Gayl understands him better than I do. I think it's safe to say that Duff's true obsessions have been very few.

    Thank you so much, from both of us!

  32. LOL! Well.....For starters, I forgot I was two chapters behind, I went to read the latest and didn't realize I had missed this!

    Secondly...I can't stand Duff! (Even though he is gorgeous!) Which is hilarious to me because reading these comments, most people were not put off by that "fantasy". To me, I just hate men that want to dominate women like that and get excited by it, I actually felt sorry for Rayne even though it wasn't really happening! :D

    But Rayne is nothing like me, so it will be interesting to see how she reacts once he gets things going with her. I am loving the icy tension surrounding her with his actions though, the rose and then the feeling of being watched - very palpable, I actually got chills during the last scene!

    On to the latest update, this one was so awesome, the writing and shots just came together perfectly!

  33. Emily, thank you!

    I think it's the sex game that's attractive, and the assumption that both parties are willing players. Whether Duff would be as much into it if the woman could drop the pretense and tell him that's enough and walk off, I'm not sure. Certainly in his fantasy she doesn't have that option.

    Rayne is not much like his fantasy girl, nor is she as attracted to the dark and mysterious and dangerous stranger as her friend Randi is. I can see her being overwhelmed by the guy though.

    Thanks again from both of us!

  34. HOLY CRAP! That was cold shower material! Duff WHOA wow...YES! I love that man and you just keep feeding me more! He is completely sex and his fantasy was very intense and intriguing. I love the way he wants to teach her though the rough and kinky makes me kick my heels LOL...yes I am a perv so what? Duff understands!

    Randi made me lol the way she was flirting and ignoring Rayne :P

    So yeah back to Duff...I am totally envious of Rayne! I am! really :D That man could have me screaming for the next four months...or I'd go hoarse trying.

  35. I really really really really really love this story...I am still shaking my head FOUR YEARS!??! AND Gayl! Girl! I am only going to assume Beth has not told you I said stop writing! I have to catch up and you are making it damn near impossible with each new release! Give me a break! I'm only one person :( And before you jump on the "Read the summaries" bandwagon let me tell you IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So yeah :D Awesome story you chicks have created and I AM IN LOVE (Mostly with Duff) but of course I was referring to the story too (or was I? mmm Duff) I was :D


  36. LMAO Daijahv! Duff is definitely an exotic; either you like what he's offering or run screaming in the other direction! We're so glad you're enjoying this, and yeah, we've been happily creating it for four years. It's a total pleasure.

    Duff's fantasy is a window on what he likes, what turns him on, and the kind of woman he's looking for. Would he actually hurt someone physically? Probably not unless his partner enjoyed it. But yeah....And he's looking for more than a sex partner; his fantasy encompasses a total package. Rayne really doesn't fit some of those requirements.

    LOL Randi! She's a flirt. She's got a lot of her father in her.

    We are always surprised and delighted (and a little mortified) when someone tries to read all our work from the beginning. We wandered around and a lot of it is rough. Thank you, thank you from both of us!

  37. "Mature and dangerous?" lol it does sound like a vampire!! hehehe!

    oh god!! this guy is crazy!! what a psycho! creepy crazy freak!

    I agree with Emily... I dislike a man like him... but many, including Rayne might like him...
    he is a very intriguing character though, and very handsome too...

    Great chapter!! and I have to stop right here, but I will come back soon to finish reading!! :D awesome story ladies! keep it up!
    Beautiful writing, gorgeous shots and the story line(s) just keep getting better and better!!

  38. S@n, thank you so much for taking the time not only to read all this, but to leave such wonderful comments.

    Rayne's out of her league with Duff. She's not a natural submissive, but she's young and sensual, and he intends to take his time. He's not crazy but he's definitely not everyone's idea of a good time LOL!

    Again, thank you!

  39. That fantasy was hot!! I love how kinky he is, and his fascination for control is intriguing. They say that the mind is the largest sexual organ, and in this case, he is hung. lol

  40. OMG tommiegirl I love that comment about Duff being hung!

    Control is a big deal to Duff. He isn't a full-on Dom but he likes the idea of Rayne being submissive. And he is kinky for sure. The thing is, she may have more power in the situation than he does.

    Thanks so much!