Sunday, January 30, 2011

Studio Time: Five

Millwood - 119 West Ox Road: 4:47 PM


After putting in about an hour and a half of practice on his kit, Shooter headed downstairs. He showered, dressed, grabbed a beer and a book, and headed for the beach. From the moment he laid eyes on this house Shooter knew it was perfect for him. It was rustic and remote, far enough from city life but close enough for when he felt the desire to socialize.


As he stepped onto the deck and made his way toward the beach he smiled. This was the first time he had purchased a house that really felt like home. Even if he didn't spend much time here, the idea of having roots, a place to call home, was appealing. It was something he didn't have much of growing up. Flopping into the hammock, Shooter took a long pull from the beer, secured the bottle in the warm sand and began to read.

"I figured I'd find you back here with your nose in a book. What is it - Vonnegut?"


Smiling up at Mackenna, Shooter let his book fall to the ground as he slid his hands around her hips and drew her down next to him. "No, this time it's Thoreau." He kissed her, a long, lingering kiss that Shooter was reluctant to end.

"Hmm, you taste like cinnamon." Shooter smiled down at her. Hell she looked liked cinnamon sugar, warm and spicy mixed with creamy skin.

"Do I?" Mackenna settled in next to Shooter curling her body against his, sliding one leg on top of his as her right hand played idly with the fine hair exposed on his chest. They lay there for several moments as the surf lulled them into an easy, comfortable silence until Shooter spoke.


"I thought we'd stay in tonight, just you, me and a nice bottle of wine."

Mac shifted, easing her body between Shooter's legs seductively sliding her hands along his abdomen and settling them on his chest. His idea of staying in had just increased ten-fold. Mac's lips turned up in a gentle and somewhat playful smile. "Will there be eating involved as well Mr. James?"

Shooter chuckled softly as he kissed the tip of her nose. "Oh definitely there will be eating involved."

Giggling, Mackenna pinched him lightly, "Very funny...we were going to meet Lily at Prime Cut."


Easing off the hammock Shooter sat in the sand and looked up at her. He didn't say anything for a few moments, tossed back the rest of his beer which was getting warm from the sand, considered how to respond and then sighed. "I know and I know what she wants to talk about. She wants to get into the auction doesn't she?"


Mackenna threw her legs over the side, dug the toe of her shoe into the sand and swung gently back and forth. Damn, she was adorable looking down at him with those forest green eyes and long slender neck.

"She hasn't been seeing much of Duff lately; I think she wants to try and bid on him."


"That's really not a good idea Mac." Rising, he took Mackenna's hand and walked toward the house with her. "Believe me she is better off steering clear of Duff. Lily's in over her head with him. Anyway Duff isn't putting himself up for auction this year. He said he has other plans."

Mackenna stopped, pulling his arm until he turned to face her. "Maybe so, but she's a big girl. She has to figure it out herself. She really likes him Shooter and she's already slept with him so if she is in over her head don't you think she'd know?"


What was he supposed to say to that? He'd considered telling Mac about Duff's perversions so she could warn Lily off, but if she'd slept with him she might already know. And if she did and wasn't scared off...maybe the girl wasn't as naive as he thought.

It didn't matter. Either way he wasn't going to the auction and he certainly wasn't going to facilitate Lily's fascination with Duff.


They continued up the stairs and when they reached the top, Shooter leaned against the baluster and pulled Mac close. She eased into him placing her hands on his shoulders. "Did you know your name means born of fire? You think you can start the grill from here?" Shooter slid his hands down her hips and playfully bit her shoulder.

"You're changing the subject..."

"Yes, I am...I'm sorry Mac. I don't want to do it; I wouldn't feel right if she gets hurt and believe me, she will get hurt."


Pulling her close, wrapping his arms around her securely Shooter began to kiss her neck moving slowly and seductively toward her earlobe and finally pulling her lower lip into his mouth. The only prime cut he craved was Mackenna. "I think you need to feed me..."



South Beach Metro Southeast - Candy: 10 PM

It had become trendy to open underground clubs near the heart of the city. Up and coming talent performed there in hopes that their bands would be noticed and propelled to fame and fortune. Others just wanted a place to practice their craft, be heard and appreciated.

Candy was one of the clubs that catered to those bands. Built near the outskirts of the metro area in an old chocolate factory and on a block just short of seedy, it it featured young bands on the weekends and quickly became one of the hottest clubs to be seen in.

Duff enjoyed the atmosphere and the place had become a favorite haunt of his when he was in the mood for company. More often than not he was recognized by the female patrons making his acquisitions even easier. Depending upon what his appetites craved, Duff would either take them to a nearby rent-a-room, back to his place, or just took what he wanted in a darkened doorway above the club. The club had the good sense to turn a blind eye toward certain lascivious behavior as far as Duff was concerned.

What drew him to the place tonight was a particular prize. During a previous visit Duff had noticed a flyer that prominently featured Brew as the headline band. The girl in the center of it had immediately seized his attention. Rayne. Studying the flyer, he remembered the portrait which hung in his house.

He’d been wandering around Chinatown when he saw the portrait on the back wall in a small shop, hung between an old erotic Japanese woodblock print and someone’s idiotic interpretation of Supergirl and a dog. She was exquisite: the innocent sensuality that sent heat straight to his crotch, the girl who wanted to be taught. Rayne was the big game, the pursuit worthy of his interest, the ultimate trophy.

He'd spent many nights thinking about her, devising several scenarios with which he would draw her into his web. It had been a long time since Duff had truly enjoyed the chase, the seduction, and he would savor every moment drawing it out until the ultimate climax. Tonight was just the beginning.

Taking his drink to a table in a darkened corner of the place he watched her. Every movement, every nuance was sublime. She wore a tank top that clung to her damp body like a second skin displaying her full breasts. Duff swore he could make out her nipples. Her short skirt hugged her hips provocatively and accentuated long, tan legs, legs he imagined wrapped around him. Duff's gaze languidly moved from her feet and upward along those legs lingering at the enticing hem of her skirt.

She turned briefly giving him a glimpse of her perfect ass. He wondered what kind of panties she wore, bikini, thong, tanga, silk or lace, perhaps she didn't wear any...she certainly wouldn't for long in his company. Duff slowly licked his lips; he was getting hard purely considering it. And those lips, that full sensual mouth...

With their set finished, Rayne placed her guitar on its stand and turned to the blond next to her and smiled.

Duff watched, eyes narrowing slightly as the man ran his hands up her arms and kissed her temple, and he abruptly recognized him.  Jimmy Breaux.  That was definitely not an obstacle Duff couldn't overcome. Lifting his eyes to a girl who had been wandering through the crowd selling flowers, he gestured once with his head for her to approach and selected a pristine, white rose. He'd save the passionate red one for another time. Slipping a ten in her hand, he waved her off, stood and moved toward Cooper’s beautiful daughter.

Rayne finished the set, gently placed her guitar in its stand and glanced across the room. She couldn't shake the feeling that someone had been watching her. It was ridiculous, there was a large crowd here and they were on stage, of course someone was watching. Still it felt...creepy. She bit her lip and drew her hands through her damp hair, sweeping the room again, and again finding nothing. Everyone was moving out of the room toward the bar.

"Everything cool Dumplin'?" Jimmy ran his hands along her arms and gently placed a kiss against her temple.

He was happy. Things were good; they’d had a brief argument about the stupid auction, but he’d been clean and focused and she didn’t want to worry him. "Everything's cool. It just sounds crazy but I thought someone was watching me."

"Everyone was watching you Ren. Me, I'd watch you if I was out there."

"Yeah that's probably it. I'm going to pack up my right back." Rayne smiled warmly and moved toward the guitar case with her Gibson clasped firmly in front of her, careful not to allow anyone to bump into it.

Someone moved up very close behind her, brushing against her; she could feel the body heat and that peculiar feeling swept over her again, raising the hairs on her neck. She stopped, waiting. If someone was standing directly behind her, he would either have to move or she would catch him when she turned. On edge, Rayne gave whoever it was time to move, tightened her grip on the Gibson, balanced her weight on her left heel and abruptly turned.

A draft of cold wind caught at her hair and her skirt. A man was leaving, not looking back; it might have been him, or it might have been her imagination.

She drew an uneasy breath, feeling the sweat under her arms and under her breasts, feeling foolish, turning away and kneeling to place her guitar in the case. The clasps were open; she was certain she had closed them. Wary, alarmed, her hands shaking, she carefully raised the lid, trying to peer through the crack, wondering if Woody might have booby trapped it with some kind of dumb toy snake that would pop out into her face, hoping that was all it was. Surely it couldn’t be anything dangerous.

It was a flower, a single rose, fine and white as bridal lace. A gift. A beautiful token. Pale, innocent and thoroughly and intimately invasive.


NEXT CHAPTER: Studio Time Chapter Six


  1. Oh, I just love Shooter and the shots of him and Mac are gorgeous. All your shots are gorgeous!

    Duff's crush is a little sinister. And Jimmy isn't someone I'd dismiss easily. In a fight, I'd wager on Jimmy over Duff any time.

  2. I understand Shooter's concern and definitely wouldn't get involved either! The back of his house is gorgeous! I was staring at it in awe over it's beauty! It reminds me of one of those rivers you see out in the mountains, surrounded by dated cabins with more than enough fresh air to ease years of stress!

    Duff, that was very seductive and the sexiest thing I've ever seen! It was perfect! The element of surprise! She was sort of a mystery woman to him but now he is the mystery admirer! I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!

  3. Rad: I adore Shooter and Mac, we both do.

    Duff's crush is sinister to an extent. Have to admit the idea of a smackdown between Jimmy and Duff made me giggle.

    Thanks so much about the shots. We both went through a lot of challenges to get them done.

  4. Qui: If it hadn't been for Beth pointing me to simtopi's post about the foliage in the NB it would not be quite so impressive...

    Shooter is very laid back and he and Duff don't get along very well. Since he knows a bit about Duff's extracurricular activities, he would not want to be responsible for an innocent girl getting used or hurt.

    Thank you so much about Shooter's lot! I spent days trying to get it right so the fact that someone noticed means a lot. I am terrible with decor, especially landscape.

    Duff is fascinating, dark and seductive. Beth's shots really brought that out here.

  5. They're very cute together :)

    Duff seems... kind of stalker-like. Curious to see how all this plays out; I imagine Jimmy won't be too happy about that rose :S

    Beautiful work as always, and I hope that the light at the end of the tunnel is nearer than it seems *hugs*

  6. Van: they are cute! I'm not sure what Jimmy would think about that rose...outwardly he'll probably brush it off; inwardly I think he would be a little uneasy.

    Duff is playing a game. He is - I hate to call him a predator - but he enjoys the chase. Getting into his head is - interesting.

    Thank you from both of us.

  7. It is a beautiful shot! I just looked at it again and the feeling, the scents, the sounds I get from just looking at that one shot is amazing!

    Now that you've mentioned it, I get that creeped out "please don't leave me alone with him" feeling when I think of his infatuation with Rayne and how close he was to her. Shame, he is very handsome!

    Question... 10th snap shot down, Duff scene, is that Gemma with no baby bump? Sorry if I'm jumping ahead but that caught my eye.

  8. No that isn't Gemma. She hasn't had her baby yet. Thanks for bringing that up however. We need to address that soon.

    Please don't get me wrong about Duff - he isn't dangerous exactly just - perverted? Kinky? Unusual appetites?

  9. Qui...I just added an outtake on my blog (Gayl, I can't resist).

  10. Oh no Gayl, not like he is a killer or something but that feeling of losing control in his presence. Hope that makes sense. I'm kind of twisted so I like the dark and mysterious!

    I saw it! lol

  11. Qui, I am so glad you like him! Guys like him have always intrigued me so I think that makes me twisted too! ;)

  12. Loved the glimpse at Shooter and Mac's relationship. I really like them and the pictures were gorgeous.

    I've been very curious to see Duff finally cross paths with Rayne and this was definitely interesting. I can see why Rayne would feel so unsettled (and she hasn't even actually met him yet!) He does give off an at least slightly creepy vibe. It will be interesting to see what unfolds when they meet.

  13. Carla, thanks from both of us. Shooter and Mac are sweet and since he seems to be the most "normal" of the guys in Flight, we wanted to make sure he isn't left out in the cold story-wise.

    Duff can be creepy for someone like Rayne. I doubt she has met someone like him before. We are looking forward to more with them soon.

  14. That last line gave me chills. Duff is freakin' me out! It's not a good sign if he freaks Shooter out, and I already like Shooter so I trust him.

    So many gorgeous pictures here. So. Many. You two really know how to tell a story with the images. But coupled with the words they're so powerful. That last picture, really, brr!

    I sort of want to see Duff and Rayne meet because I don't think she's going to put up with his shit.

  15. Lunar, first of all thank you so much about the images and the writing.

    Duff is one of those guys that gives you chills, one way or another. You are right to trust Shooter. He is a doll.

    There is more to come with Duff and Rayne as well as the rest. We're plotting how things go down as we speak.

  16. Shooter and Mac are adorable!! ♥♥♥

    Duff is into BDSM or something along those lines(right?). He is a predator and he will take what he wants but he won't take it unwilling. He's intense out of the bedroom and can't even imagine him in the bedroom. If Rayne accepts that rose we'll...she just took her first step without even knowing it(and he may have her wearing a collar before she knows it!). At least to Duff's way of thinking. I don't know. I like him. He is who he is and he doesn't fight it.

    Aaaand now I know that he knows it is Cooper's daughter which is gonna lead to trouble I'm sure!

    All y'alls shots are gorgeous. The beach shots and the descriptions made me feel as if I was there! Awesome, awesome as always!! Seriously!

  17. I love this shot here. In fact, all your sets are so gorgeous, but Candy in particular just caught my eye for some reason. Is that the interior of that particular lot as well? You (the general "you" Beth and Gayl :D ) get the layout and atmosphere of places like this perfectly. I've attended my share of them. :D

    Anyway, Shooter and MacKenna are really cute together, I love them as a couple. Jimmy and Rayne too, honestly, I still love them both. But maybe it's just me, or is Duff being creepy here? Hrm.

  18. Phoenix, Duff is not the kind of guy to rape but he is into all kinds of kink. Intense is a perfect way to describe him. I doubt he's looking to put a collar on Rayne. To Duff she is a combination of innocence and sensuality that he wants to exploit perhaps?

    We like him too so we have to be careful not to paint him in a bad light. He is not a bad guy, he just has sexual tastes that might be different from the average guy. Or maybe he simply likes to play out his fantasies.

    I can't imagine Cooper would approve of Duff. He didn't even approve of Jimmy and he is adorable!

    Thank you so much!!

  19. Simtopi, no the interior is a different lot. I tried. I ripped it up and pulled it apart but I could not get what I needed out of that lot. So I took shots of the exterior and totally redid another lot to get the interior shots. And thank you THANK YOU for noticing! I just about killed my pc to get those shots.

  20. Mela, those were 2 different lots. Originally we were going to use the lot that the exteriors were taken from but it is a very hard lot to shoot in (you literally have to teleport to certain places) so we decided to use the interior (heavily modified by Beth) of a different club.

    Shooter and Mac are so sweet! We love them as well. And Jimmy. Duff is Duff, not a bad guy, he just has an intensity that most people don't. He is toying with Rayne. This is like a game to him except that he is captivated by the prey.


  21. The pictues were so incredible - true art in the staging! And that lot...SO jealous!

    Love Shooter, and he and Mac are so great together! Such a contrast to everyone else! LoL!

    Duff - he finally makes his move. I'm curious to see if Rayne will bite, or if she'll write it all off. And so it begins...

  22. Jillyson, it makes all the blood, sweat, and tears worth it to receive a compliment like that. Thank you!

    At this point with Rayne it is an isolated incident. Invasive and disturbing but she really doesn't know what's behind it.

    I think I'd be more worried whether Duff is going to bite...LOL!

  23. I'm blown away by the sets, and the shots. Stunning work as always.

    I find Duffy's behaviour a little disturbing. I wonder where this game of his will lead. I don't like the fact that he can see there's something between Rayne and Toad, and he'll still go after her. But what ticks me off the most, is the fact that this is all a game to him, and Rayne is the "ultimate trophy", as he put it. Seduction, he's got that down, and he's incredibly sexy, I admit, but his intentions for Rayne do seem a little sinister.

  24. Valpre, thank you! The set Gayl built for Shooter is so beautiful, and it made a great contrast to the second scene. It was crazy frustrating to deal with the crashes but I had fun putting the set together.

    Duff's behavior is a little disturbing. He doesn't know Rayne personally, has no idea if he would even like her; it's a sexual game. She has a boyfriend and it's obvious that they care about each other but he's discounting that as pretty much irrelevant. He is incredibly sexy though...

    Thank you so much from both of us!!

  25. Always refreshing to see a loving couple once in a while, very sweet.

    Duff, to me, is very interesting, he brushes past Rayne, maybe even close enough to feel every part of him, then he leaves a rose in her guitar case.
    He is a sexual gamster/possible predator cloaked in romantic sentiment. Fascinating mix. Look forward to more.

    Great update, great shots~

  26. I have to echo everyone else's sentiments. Shooter and Mac sooooo cute! I love that he doesn't come across as a reader in the previous post but he is! That, at least to me, is super attractive.

    Oh Duff! What's your plan mister? How creepy was the white rose too? The rose was a nice touch, no matter how creepy. It does give a touch of him being so intrusive that one doesn't even feel like he's even slipped in. At least that's what I got from the rose.

  27. Drew, we hope he'll turn out to be interesting and somewhat frightening without making him come off as actually jump you in the dark dangerous. He's a smooth guy; although the rose made Rayne uneasy, it's the kind of gesture she would find intriguing.

    Thank you!

  28. Choco, thank you so much from both of us! We're going to continue to 'unwrap' these characters slowly, so Shooter's love of reading didn't show up until now. I agree, I think it is very sexy and attractive!

    I like the rose. Slipping it into her guitar case implies he will move into her space without asking permission, but it was a flower, and a white flower. And it was a guitar case she'd left lying out there for anyone to touch, not her purse.

    Again, thank you!!

  29. Ok, so Shooter is just adorable in this chapter. I love that he can unwind like that--it makes him seem so much more normal than some of the other characters--less glamorous and ostentatious.

    Humm...he says some interesting things about Duff's predilections. If Duff's strange advances toward Rayne are any indication, then he's one freaky puppy. It's like he gets a charge out of causing unease, or maybe he doesn't see it that way. Lucky that Rayne is so tough. I agree with some of the others that she isn't likely to put up with that shit.

    What a wonderful chapter! I love learning more about these characters and seeing how they bounce off the ones we already know.

  30. Rachel, there always seems to be one band member who is "normal" and we don't want to let that one sit in the background ignored.

    Duff is a bit freaky. He likes to indulge himself. I don't think he wants to cause unease; this is one way he flirts or pursues the woman that interests him.

    Thank you from both of us! We enjoy taking it slow and peeling away the layers.

  31. Drew, to add on to what Beth said, Duff is seductive and charming and intense. I'm sure he brushed up against Rayne. You nailed his character.

    Thank you again.

    Choco, Shooter's bio reveals quite a bit about him that we don't necessarily touch upon in these pieces. He has a hard time sitting still but put an interesting book in front of him and it stimulates his mind. He's not a dummy by any means.

    As for Duff...yes, he has a plan. That's all we can reveal at the moment LOL!

  32. Shooter and MacKenna are really cute together. So far they seem like the most normal couple in this band.

    Duff has found himself a wild one to be infatuated with. She may be cute but that doesn't mean she won't bite. He may have met his match in a certain way with her. He's very smooth with the rose in the guitar case, but I'm certain taht Jimmy won't take kindly to the game he's playing.

    You ladies are building the tension layer by layer and I am very anxious to see what happens next.

  33. Thank you from both of us, Muzegoddess.

    Not so sure Duff has met his match with Rayne. She's tough, but she's young. Jimmy's pretty attached to her, ok very attached. He has to be used to the kind of attention she gets but you're right, he'd consider Duff a more serious problem than the usual guy with a crush.

    We're trying. Thank you so much for sticking with us.

  34. I just happened to come across these stories and for about two weeks inbetween class and work I've been hooked. Sharing the name of the lead rockers daughter only made me read more. You girls are awesome and I can't wait to see what's next.

  35. Zack and Rayne....

    oh my god so your name is Rayne? That's one of the those incredible connections you can't even write about! I hope we do your namesake justice: she's a pretty kickass girl.

    I am just thrilled to freaking death that you found this and read it and liked it. Thank you from both of us!!

    Can I ask how on earth you did find it?

  36. Sorry I'm so late catching up, I was only 3 chapters behind but I couldn't wait to get the chance to read these!

    I adore you guys sets, every single lot is made with such attention to detail, I can't imagine the time dedicated to it but it adds such a realism to the story that I rarely see anymore, I always drool over your pics! :D

    You are developing these new characters so well, introducing them at just the right pace so it isn't confusing. And Duff is kind of scary even though he's gorgeous! Kind of reminds me of Enrique Iglesias for some reason. But I loved the tension with him watching Rayne, very creepy indeed!

    Awesome update ladies, I loved it!

  37. Emily! It's so good to hear from you, and thank you from both of us. Sometimes I spend too much time on the sets: decorating corners of rooms nobody will ever see is crazy. I love to do it though, and it's relaxing.

    We are really trying to go slow and develop the new characters instead of just throwing them into situations. Duff is kind of scary. We've both been thinking a lot about how Rayne will react to him once they finally meet. He's not like anyone she's ever encountered, and he is gorgeous.

    Thank you! I saw you had a new piece up and I always love reading them. Can't wait to get to it!

  38. I cannot not wait to see what happens next! You two have created the most interesting and wonderful universe. I can't remember exactly where I found your stories but I remember that I saw the link on someone else's page.

    *My father named me Rayne after the town in Louisiana

  39. OMG Rayne! My mother's family is from Louisiana. I had no idea there was a place with that name, and it's right off I10 and just a little bit west of Lafayette. I have a love/hate relationship with Louisiana, well the whole south, but that's my family and I know the place.

    We're trying to work the next piece. I got all into wanting something to look a specific way and downloaded a bunch of stuff and my game is crashing, but we're getting closer.

    Thank you, from both of us. We're not in the hugely famous category so it is wonderful when someone finds us and says something nice. Thank you. And if you write something yourself, I'm there for you.

  40. What part of Louisiana is your mom from? Ha! Its such a small world!

  41. Sorry so late!

    OMG this chapter! Man, that was tense! Duff is creeping me the hell out! And it's extra creepy because he doesn't seem to feel like it *is* creepy, which is the most dangerous kind of "admiration".

    But that was some amazing writing there! Wow, the suspense! It gave me chills!

    Jimmy better take care of our girl!

    Oh, but onto lighter things... Shooter, with Vonnegut and Thoreau!!! Oh, my heart! <3 I love me a man with a brain, lol! *swoon* :D

    And Mac is beautiful!

  42. Rayne, she's from Monroe, further north. It is a small world!

  43. Hi Laura! Thank you so much! Duff is definitely walking on the strange side of the street. He's sort of a hard character to get to know.

    ha! Gayl and I both adore Shooter: he's curious about everything and makes a very nice change from slipping around in the shadows with Duff.

    Both of us really appreciate the time you took to read and leave us a comment. It means a lot to us.

  44. Ahhh!!! Eerily cool, this one. I know that exact feeling Rayne's experiencing..hairs standing up on the back of your neck, feeling the air being taken up by someone you can't see. Makes your adrenaline pump, that's for sure.

    I'm behind on my reading, guys, so I'm a little unfamiliar with the characters in Studio Time, but Duff does a good job of making me feel uncomfortable. Pity that he's good looking!

  45. Christina, I'm behind on everything too so please don't worry about it.

    Eerily cool is a great way to describe it - thank you from both of us!

  46. Mac and Shooter are sooo cute together! I love their interactions :D

    Mmm Duff and his games...I'm intrigued and want to be the prize (yeah you heard me!) The trick with the rose was awesome and YES! I have to agree with the sentiment that worn panties would not be worn for long! The man is hot and I love this little seduction :D

  47. Daijahv, Shooter and Mac are the closest to a normal couple in that band. They're really sweet together.

    Duff knows exactly what he's doing. He has the seduction planned, and he's taking his time. The man is definitely hot!

    This one was fun to write and to shoot. Thank you from both of us!

  48. Duff is a freak!!! seriously he is like one of those guys in criminal minds.... if I were Raine I would stay very far away from him! He is crazy...

  49. LOL S@n! Duff is definitely an exotic! He's not crazy but he's different, that's for sure.

    Thank you!

  50. Ooh Duff is a bit creepy... oddly sexy though, but not the kind of man you'd hope for a lasting relationship with. Shooter on the other hand - what a cutie!

  51. Charleston, Duff is unsettling (and will be more so as we go along), but he's sexy all right.

    Shooter is a doll!

    Thank you so much for taking a look at this and for taking the time to let us know what you think!