Saturday, May 7, 2011

Studio Time: Twelve

South Beach: The Harbor Hotel - 6 PM

Sydney slid her cell into the pocket of her skirt and hurried down the stairs to get changed. Reaching a small sitting room she paused and then slowly approached the window that looked out on the patio. That was where the auction was being held. Her co-chair had done the first group of celebrities and Syd would do the last, the heavy hitters, the ones where Sydney’s talent for getting what she wanted would come into play and she wanted this afternoon to be a success.

And Sydney always got what she wanted. Peering out through the filmy curtains she watched Rob as he chatted up her guests. Well maybe she didn’t get everything...

“I don’t suppose as the committee chair you’re allowed to bid on the beefcake are you my love?”

Whirling around, Sydney came face to face with her husband. His presence was not something she had anticipated, nor was she prepared to deal with him now, not now, not with Rob turning away and Cooper throwing a tantrum over his child's ridiculous expectations and she still had to attempt to sell a date with his awful older daughter. They’d had a silent agreement - they didn’t discuss or acknowledge their liaisons outside the marriage. Why would Charlie decide to bring hers up now? Humidity and nerves sweating into her hair and her blouse, Syd’s radar flashed into full alert. Damp radar. Dripping and foggy radar. “What do you want, Charlie?”

Charlie’s laugh had always been dark and sexy. It started deep inside him and bubbled to the surface as he leaned against the wall. “Can’t I take an interest in my wife’s affairs? Perhaps that was a bad choice of words - I should say your interests shouldn’t I...that would be more appropriate.”

“I don’t have time for this Charlie - why are you here?”

Charlie’s eyes drifted to the side and, when he didn’t immediately answer, Sydney quickly glanced over to see what caught his attention. A woman, of course. Camilla Lombardo, much more woman than Syd thought he could handle but he was still looking like a man who would be willing to try. He answered her, voice like the deep purr of a large predatory cat as he continued to watch Camilla. “Perhaps I should be more involved in your little causes Sydney.”

Her mouth lifted slightly at the corners, her mask solidly in place as she approached him. Sydney would not be baited, not tonight. Smoothing the lapel on his Armani jacket she responded. “Of course darling, I’ll send the itinerary of upcoming events to your personal secretary. It will require a great deal of your personal time. You’ll have to cancel your next few trips to China. Now be a love and kiss my cheek; I’ve got some beefcake to sell.”

8 PM

Wyatt peered out from behind the curtain and scanned the crowd, mostly women with a few scattered men, and wondered who would end up with him as the prize. He discussed the auction with Cadence and she hadn’t been at all concerned over the idea of women bidding on him. Wyatt thought she’d be somewhat jealous and possessive at the thought of him on a “date” with someone else but Cade had simply laughed it off. It was a hit to his ego but she was right, he didn’t want anyone but her.

He let his eyes wander once more over the crowd. There was a mix of women of various ages from young to older and more mature. Society’s best, he figured, at an annual event where idle rich could play out their fantasies buying celebrities for a dream date. Wyatt had to admit that he was even caught up in the idea. His package included dinner at Caprice and a midnight cruise. He just hoped he didn’t end up with someone old enough to be his grandmother.

Sydney Pera had been working the crowd like a pro as far as Wyatt could tell. There was an unlimited supply of food on the buffet tables and liquor was being poured in abundance at every bar. Waiters and waitresses moved through the crowd with trays and encouraged the guests to drink up.

Syd had lined up fifteen celebrities in all and although this was Wyatt’s first time at an event like this, it seemed to be going off without a hitch. She had raised quite a bit of money already with the first ten and still had the big guns waiting in the wings. Wyatt was number eleven. As Sydney introduced him, Wyatt strode out from behind the curtains and made his way down the catwalk.

He was all smiles as he strutted his stuff while she encouraged the bidding to go higher and higher. “Come on now ladies...this is the first in our trifecta of Stanfields...let me hear an opening bid of at least one thousand.” The bidding kept going as Wyatt continued to walk up and down. He flirted with a few of the women up front, making eye contact, smiling, encouraging the bids as paddle after paddle was raised.

“I’ve got four thousand in the back, can I get forty-five? This is for dinner and a midnight cruise ladies with a charming young man and rising rock star. There’s forty-five, now can I get five thousand?” Sydney scanned the crowd and urged the bidding to go higher using the charity as her hook. Finally the bidding had reached seventy-five hundred and the crowd had hushed as Syd asked for any other bids. “I have seventy-five hundred going once...twice...I have eight!”

Syd appealed to their sense of goodwill driving the bid higher until she was at 10,500. When it came to getting what she wanted in this arena Sydney was a pro. “Last chance ladies...I have 10,500. There is 10, 750...I see 11,000...going once...twice...sold to the lady holding paddle 162! Thank you!”

Wyatt couldn’t believe he’d been sold for eleven thousand dollars. He looked out at the woman holding paddle 162 trying to see if he recognized her. She looked reasonably young but she wore sunglasses and a large hat to shade her fair skin. As he moved back to the staging area he couldn’t let it go - he’d meet her soon enough on their date but her identity nagged at him.

Circling around Wyatt approached the woman who was taking the checks and logging each transaction. She was sitting at a table away from the main stage. “Excuse me, could you tell me who that was...the woman who purchased me...paddle 162?” Wyatt threw her a charming smile and waited.

“Of course, just one moment...” she looked on her clipboard dragging a polished fingernail down the list until she found the name. “Yes, here it is, a Mrs. J. Michaels.” She looked up at Wyatt and returned the smile. “We’ll be handing out the date packages at the end of the evening with all the details.”

Wyatt had never heard of her. “Okay, thanks.”

Heading through the side door he ran directly into his sister. She stood in his way, looking intent, looking like Girl with a Mission, looking like Rayne at a moment he didn’t really want to deal with Rayne. “Wyatt, can I ask you something personal?”

As if she wouldn’t if he said no? Wyatt, wary as usual, wondering what was on her mind this time, distracted by the mysterious Mrs. Michaels, considered coming up an excuse then gave up. “I guess so.”

Rayne glanced around, but except for a couple of women making coffee and Jimmy Breaux who was staring out an open window and smoking right under a ‘no smoking’ sign, they were alone. “Gemma had her baby but I think you know that already. I can't get Dad to talk to me about it at all, but I sort of think that if it was his, we would have heard something. wouldn't possibly be yours, would it, Wy?”

For an instant Wyatt couldn’t speak. Stunned speechless and his mind scurrying back what, why would she think that, there was that one time but she didn't know about that and he'd left walked out nothing had happened NOTHING had gone down nothing like that. Creeped out, watching Jimmy still smoking, he went back at her. “No! No way! Are you crazy? She's my mom's cousin!” He drew breath, trying to remember the second part of the thing. His father. They all knew something had gone down between him and Gemma, another reason his skin crawled thinking about the woman now. "You leave Dad alone, Rayne. Stay out of it, quit bugging him, he's got a lot of shit to deal with, fucking drop it."

She glanced down the length of the room and narrowed her eyes and stepped closer and said, "If it’s not his and it’s not yours, I don’t care whose baby it is, but people saw you with her and it looked like something was going on. So, I am not crazy for asking. And I'm not bugging Dad; I have game in this and you know it.” Rayne knocked one high heeled boot against the other as she watched Jimmy grind out his smoke and start towards them and aimed a different expression in his direction. “By the way, who's that woman who bought your date?”

“Yeah, well, keep your nose out of it.” An uneasy feeling came over Wyatt at the question. He still didn’t know who this Mrs. Michaels was, but he felt like he should. “I don't know who she is; I couldn't even get a good look at her. Why? Did you see her?”

Turning away, his sister took her boyfriend’s hand or maybe he took hers, either way they clasped hands and started toward the door, the same door he’d been trying to get through before she blocked him. Jimmy seemed like a strong, stand up guy but, not for the first time, Wyatt wondered if he was really the right one for her. Balls to the wall, Rayne struck back.  Love from Rayne. “She has red hair.  She's hiding it.  You know her or she wouldn't hide it, so no I don't but you do."


  1. *Grins* Thanks for letting her be an extra! With that cutie next to her, she had no need to even bid!

    Syd's husband is definitely a good looking man! I just wonder what happened that brought them to this point in their marriage. I love that Rob is ignoring her? Taking a step away. He could have any woman he wanted and to be with one he has to turn over at the end of the night it just crazy.

    I saw Cooper all over Wyatt! It was cool! He is like the younger, more playful Cooper and it looks like he was really enjoying this auction! I wonder who that lady was! Whoever she is, Eleven thousand means Wyatt is on the menu for the night!

    Typical of Rayne to wonder and want answers. I have no clue why I had a jaw dropping reaction when she asked him if the baby could be his. Can't wait to see more of the auction!

    Jimmy doesn't look happy!

    Typical Camilla with someone's husband. Lol

    Everything turned out beautifully!

  2. Qui! I couldn't even get her to look at Wyatt LOL!

    Wyatt is a young Cooper. Right on the edge of an explosive career, knowing what he's got and enjoying it.

    Rob is tired of being second best. It was good for a long time and I think he loves Syd but he's done. Knowing she chooses a lifestyle or another man over him or some combination of the two has become painful. Syd has a marriage to a man she doesn't love who doesn't love her, but they get along and it comes with a lot of benefits.

    Jimmy is not happy; he's totally out of his element here and he doesn't like anything about it at all. His girl going off with some guy/girl without him, he doesn't like it.

    Rayne is a pain in the butt but she picked up on the flirtation between Wyatt and Gemma. And there was one. So she asked. She would.

    Camilla does what she does. There's no stopping it.

    Thank you THANK YOU from both of us!

  3. I agree, Sydney's husband is very handsome! I am intrigued to find out more about their relationship (or what's left of it), and how they got into the situation they're in, and what they plan to make of it.

    The venue turned out beautifully! I'm always awed by the attention to detail here. The martini glasses! The fountains in the pool! Just so beautiful!

    Wyatt is adorable, even in pink, lol! And no, Jimmy doesn't look happy. Is he up for a date too? Maybe the two pairs could double? lol! But really, I have a bad feeling about who might buy Rayne! :o

    I just love Rayne! She does have balls, doesn't she? And she has such a distinctive voice, which I love - it's almost girlish, but at the same time, so bold. You guys always write her well. I think she might be my favorite! :)

  4. I think Laura and I are on the same page in regards to the party interested in Rayne :S

    Interesting exchange between Syd and her husband. Do he and Rob know each other very well? The whole dynamic there is fascinating.

    Relieved to hear that it's not Wyatt's baby. Wonder whose it is, then--Ezra's, maybe? Hmmm...

    Gorgeous chapter, as always! :D

  5. Laura, thanks about Charlie. I always worry that all the men look alike but I do like how he turned out. You should see more of his and Syd's backstory when the auction and RMAs are through.

    Beth's sets are always to die for. Perfection is all I can say.

    Wyatt in pink. Only he could pull that off. Rayne is I think a wonderful blend of her parents. Gutsy, feminine, bold. Very distinct voice in her character.

    Van, I think everyone has a pretty strong suspicion about who Rayne's date will be. ;)

    Charlie doesn't actually know Rob, more like he knows of him. Sydney however does know Charlie's latest paramour, May. More on her down the road too.

    We have eliminated Coop and Wyatt as the father of little Hollis. I guess that really doesn't leave anyone else of importance does it...maybe Jimmy?

    Thank you both for reading from both of us!

  6. HELLO AGAIN! ^_^

    I got caught up again; heck, I forgot where I started and had to go back to about chapter 5 I believe and go from there. I recognize a lot of the elements you guys have used in this and you've done an outstanding job with all of it as well. Your creativity is boundless is always ladies, so kudos! Now...onto my other points of interest for these last few chapters

    1. I've been so engrossed in your stories from the get-go, can I ask if you've ever disclosed ALL the people Gemma's been involved with? I can't remember exactly

    2. My heart melts seeing Hugs anytime in the story; she's just cute as a button :D

    3. Rayne - yeah, she's a mix of her parents, but half the time it's kinda hard to tell who's side she's on she's so hot and cold a lot - I can't keep up with the girl \o/

    4. I'm glad Slim accompanied Coop and helped him out in that situation.

    5. Nice to see Wyatt again - I'd almost forgotten about him *snckr* J/K ^^ But he shouldn't have been too surprised about that, and what the heck is with his 'tude? My lord, one thing Coop's kids definitely have his his 'tude, whew >><<;;;

    6. Hmm...I'm curious to see what Beth will do. That woman is a tug of war in herself I think, whew ^^;;;

    7. I liked the idea of the writing prompts; was it just for that particular chapter or do you do it whenever your story's not focused on a particular element, err, subject at that time?

  7. I do love a man with salt and pepper hair. He looks classically handsome, to me. It seems like Syd and Charlie have quite the "working" marriage. I wonder how they came there. My head has a big, curious question mark like everyone else.

    I kind of like Rayne's determination but I can see how it can be a pain in the butt. Sometimes one needs to learn to tune it down or, in some instances, turn it off.

    I can't wait to see Wyatt's date and Rayne's too. Sounds like fun reads coming up.

    I'm relieved to hear that Gemma's baby isn't any of the Stanfield men. Was she trying to blackmail Cooper then? Too bad the damage is done.

    Great work ladies. Visually and verbally simulating.

  8. The backstage area turned out beautifully.

    Glad to see the show's underway.

    Wow, Wyatt sold for that much, wonder how much his dad will go for? Speaking about Wyatt, why is he all anxious about the woman who bought him, he says he's never heard of her before, but for someone he barely knows he's awfully anxious, like something big is about to unfold. I'm looking forward to his date now and eagerly anticipating the rest of the fundraiser. It should be interesting!

    Lovely chapter.

  9. Hi Jean and thanks for coming back! Let me see if I can answer your questions:

    1. We haven't really disclosed much about Gemma aside from her encounter with a man here who we reveal as Ezra from a side story here, her encounter with Cooper in Sessions, and a flirtation with Wyatt.

    2. Agreed

    3. She can be hell on wheels but she has a deeper side that she rarely shows.

    4. Slim always has Coop's back - always will.

    5. I think we have all forgotten about Wyatt. His story will wrap up soon.

    6. What Beth does or doesn't do will be unexpected I think.

    7. Following writing prompts was an afterthought really. We always did song titles and wanted to do something more simple. So we went back after the first couple of posts and added prompts and kept it up.

    Thanks again from both of us.

  10. Choco, I like salt and pepper too and it was perfect for Charlie. He is an older more mature man. In time we will address their relationship but that won't happen until we get through the next few pieces of the auction and then the RMAs. Maybe we can squeeze something in between - its hard to say. We'd like to keep the continuity going.

    Rayne and Wyatt have a typical sibling relationship. We all get annoyed with our siblings don't we? And stick our noses where they don't belong?

    Both Wyatt's and Rayne's dates will be explosive, trust me. You won't want to miss either.

    Gemma was not blackmailing Cooper, she honestly believed it was his child.

    Thank you so much from both of us. Comments like this make me excited to get to the next update!

  11. Valpre, Beth always creates visually stunning sets. I envy her ability to make something so beautiful. And yes the show is underway and will be picking up steam right through to the RMAs which will tie up this particular arc.

    As for why Wyatt is anxious, there is a lot of history surrounding mysterious women and he is overly cautious to say the least. And his date will unfold something unexpected - that's all I can say without revealing too much.

    I have to say that I personally have never been to any sort of auction and was really unsure as to what was realistic but since we suspend reality quite a bit - we went for it. Needless to say there will be a lot of surprises in that area.

    Thanks Valre for reading and leaving a comment!

  12. The venue really turned out so beautiful, all the small details which make it look so real.
    I am much intrigued to find out who the mystery woman is and how Wyatt will get on with his date with her..I wonder if it turns out he actually knows her from somewhere.

  13. Thanks Speechless! Beth always outdoes herself.
    Rest assured the mystery won't be a mystery for too long. You can expect the big reveal when the auction is over.

  14. Hmmmm....a mysterious lady wins the bid on Wyatt. I'm excited to find out who she is!

    Oh wow...Rayne just came right out and asked! She's not short on guts, that's for sure. I'm wondering who will be bidding on her....

    I wonder why Syd and Charlie stay together if they really aren't interested in each other anymore. They're hardly together and they would probably be happier apart.

    These auction chapters are so much fun! Wonderful job!

  15. Thank you, Rachel. We plan on sticking pretty close to the band members and their perspectives from here on.

    Syd is comfortable with her lifestyle. It would be a big step down for her to leave Charlie and commit to Rob. She's afraid of the loss. Charlie's not losing anything by staying married to her. He gets his 'wife' when he needs one for some reason and otherwise does what he wants. Love wears out sometimes.

    I hope we can pick up the pace with these but it's hard. The lot was unstable toward the end, too.

    Thank you so much from both of us!

  16. The venue is stunning! Every detail is absolutely perfect.

    Somehow, Sydney's husband is exactly the kind of man I was expecting. While I was reading their scene, I started to wonder how they ended up in the position they're in now. Do they love each other? Did they ever? How did they come to this arrangement? Really interesting.

    Looking forward to finding out more about this mysterious "Mrs. Michaels". I'm racking my brain trying to think of a redhead we've seen before, maybe going by a different name. Or hey, maybe it's someone completely new.

    Oooh...I bet I know who might be bidding on Rayne!

  17. Carla, I think they did love each other at one point - Charlie and Syd - or at least it was what their capacity for love was at the time. Syd is the perfect wife for Charlie and a divorce would be messy and costly. Plus they do what they want so in some respects it is win/win. The downside is that Syd risks losing a man she really does love. And the problem for her is also does she want to switch to the lifestyle of a rock star's wife. They don't have a great public rep and that is important to her. We will definitely go deeper into this relationship soon.

    Somehow I think you have a bead on the well as the person who will bid on Rayne.

  18. Nice update Girls.

    The auction set looks very elegant. Beautifully done.

    I am loving this auction! Nice bidding on #1 of the Stanfield Trio. Eleven thousand... Go Wyatt! Shady woman, but let's see what happens.
    Up next is Rainie... Poor Jimmy. Can you spell dilemma? LOL.
    Hmm, do you think HE will be the one bidding on Rayne. Now that would be an interesting date! Don't ya think?

    All I'm thinking about right now is:

    1. Is my seat by the stage still free? I'm running a little late.


    **2. What is the starting bid on Coop. 'Cause I'm wired baby and I've got some big zeros to spend on him. That date is MINE!!!

    (How else will I get him to marry me!)

    Keep 'em coming, ladies!!! Just keep 'em coming!!

  19. Oh thank you Jean-Marie! LOL absolutely your seat is free! The starting bid on Cooper is likely to be in the six-figure range, however...

    I think that's about version 10 on the auction set. I have to be careful since it's tipping into crash territory. Thank you though: it was fun to build and decorate.

    I don't think Jimmy can afford to buy a date with Rayne, nor would Sydney be all that pleased if he did although she's not focused on someone like Rayne and doesn't expect a great deal of interest in a date with her. Rayne's value is only in her connection to her brother and her father.

    Wyatt is doing some anxiety because he thinks, half thinks, that he should recognize the Shady Woman. He doesn't and it nags at him. He was prepared to do his date with a stranger.

    and again, laughing so hard about getting Cooper! He would make a very sexy husband LMAO!!

  20. I am soooo spamming now!

    I can handle six figures, I might even be persuaded to drop a seventh.
    You know, make donation history! LOL.

    I don't think, we both know Jimmy can't afford Rayne.

    I should have hit the spacebar on that sentence.
    I was thinking more of a guy who has quote:
    Black hair, coal eyes; is ambidextrous; 6', 2 piercings in his left ear.

    ...and has very vivid fantasies! *Wink wink*

    Okay, I'm done spamming! Giggles!

  21. ooohhh...THAT guy hehehe....the one who's been stalking her. Poor Jimmy. But I'm dying to see THOSE two together. Fantasy versus reality. Rayne's come smack up against that herself. I doubt Duff will handle it the way she did. She may be relentless but he's really something else.

    and...ROFL!!! Making donation history!! Sydney would pin a nice gold star on your dress and maybe put up a plaque somewhere. Love it!!

    And spam all you want!!! Love me some spam!

  22. Oh, how you have put poor Wyatt in a compromising position with Gemma. I also had wondered if Cooper had by chance become a grandpapa :D

  23. lepifera, it's so good to hear from you!

    Wyatt had a brief, almost entirely public and one-sided flirtation with Gemma. (

    It wasn't serious and he didn't initiate it or pursue it, but it was noticed. Even if he had been inclined to go further with it (and I don't think he was), his sister warned him early on that she thought Gemma was involved with Cooper, which definitely would stop Wyatt in his tracks. (

    Coop's not a grandpa yet!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read and leave us a comment. We really appreciate it!

  24. Gah! I'm late! So, so sorry!! :(

    First, I love your set. That last shot showcases it so well! Just visually stunning and naturally the writing just makes it better! :)

    Cam huh? LOL! That would be interesting to see...if she was interested in Syd's husband!

    Go Rayne! No beating around the bush for that chick! I love it! Good to know that Wyatt isn't the father either! *wipes brow* And who is this mysterious woman?? 11,000 bucks is a lot of dough to blow on a date! O_o Well, I guess that depends on if you have it or not! LOL!!

    I feel for Jimmy though! *sigh*

    Awesome as always guys! I know you get tired of me saying it but it's true!:P

  25. awww...Phoenix, there's no such thing as late! We are both really grateful that you take the time to read and leave us a comment, doesn't matter when!

    Thank you so much on the set. I enjoyed building and decorating it. Once the auction is over, I'll probably repurpose it, maybe as apartments.

    I kind of doubt Camilla would be interested in Syd's husband. She's always hung around the rockers. He doesn't seem like her type, although with Cam, you never know.

    That would be way more than I'd ever pay for an evening with someone, unless I had so much money it felt like pocket change! And we'll get to Mystery Woman pretty soon.

    Jimmy's not very happy right now. He's likely to get even less happy.

    THANK YOU!!!

  26. Love the idea of auctioning a date with Wyatt! Wow, he was expensive! I wonder who that mysterious bidder was...? Sounds like something is about to go down and he is in for a surprise. Can't wait!

    Oh gosh, The venue was beautiful, loved the colors, and lighting.. really lovely shots!

  27. Thank you so much, Lucid.

    Wyatt was expensive. I'm not sure he's going to be overwhelmed with joy when he finds out who bought the date. He's a big boy now; he's going to have to figure it out for himself. Cooper has too much on his hands to step in this time, and, even if he didn't, I don't think he would.

    The venue is kicking my butt. I've been trying to get shots for days now, and it goes down all the time. I've been trying all day and I have six shots LOL! Coming from you, that is a huge compliment!!!!

  28. I don't know much about Wyatt (another reason why I want to read this from the begining...eventually, but he's a cutie!
    His girlfriend is the girl ryann met outside the restaurant a few updates ago, right?
    So, who is Gemma's baby daddy!? That seems to be the question, as well as who Mrs. J Michaels is. Seems the red hair clue is important.

    Sorry it took so long to read this, RL has been Super busy!

  29. Hey there holleyberry! Wyatt's girlfriend is not Rayne's best friend Randi. His girlfriend is Cadence Mitchell whose father Heydon is living with Camilla Lombardo and the other guitar player from Cooper's band Mercury Rising. Whew that was a mouthful.

    It won't be long before the identity of Mrs. J. Michaels comes out. Same with Gemma's baby.

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting. We both appreciate when anyone takes the time...

  30. Charlie’s word choice made me giggle lol I love that he can make this cool, calm and collected woman a nervous wreck! She needs that and more than anything Rob needs to get out from under her. I like that he has already started to pull away from her because that man is too incredible to have to deal with this frigid bitch’s every whim. And don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Syd lol her attitude is dead on catty (I have a thing for evil if you haven’t noticed yet)

    So watching their interactions I’m curious, why are they married? They are always apparently more interested in people OUTSIDE their marriage, is this a business transaction or something for status? Because there is no need to wear a ring for someone that eyes other people and sleeps around and you are doing the same thing also…weirdos :P

    Poor Wyatt’s ego lol that’s too cute. Cadence could have PRETENDED to be jealous for the man :P I would have YEOW! He’s not into grannies though haha and I totally would have bid more on him pfft $11,000! I scoff that man is yum
    Syd really did work that crowd though I couldn’t help but laugh as she got her way into those checkbooks! Really awesome job :P

    Wyatt and Rayne’s relationship seems strained and that’s pretty sad. It would be nice if they were able to talk without the harsh words…it kinda happened near the end but I sense a lot of pain between them.

    If I haven’t said this before, I love Jimmy. He seems like a great guy, loving and concerned for Rayne’s well-being. I hope he doesn’t get hurt by my hottie mchottie Duff (mmm) because that would not be a great thing for me to watch (Duff….) since I like Jimmy’s character (Duff…) I wouldn’t want him to be hurt :)
    Another superb job Ladies!

  31. Daijahv, we'll be getting a little deeper into Charlie and Syd, but what started out as mutual affection/love is nothing now but an arrangement. She gets what she wants and he doesn't have to deal with the financial fallout from a messy divorce. Up until now, it has worked for them.

    Wyatt and Rayne are competitive, and, for years, she was envious and jealous and resentful. Rayne can come on very strong, and that annoys Wyatt. They quarrel and squabble but there isn't any real animosity between them.

    Wyatt is a cutie! Cadence manages his ego pretty well, and LOL NO he isn't into grannies!

    I love Jimmy, too. He is in love with Rayne, and he would do just about anything for her. He's also kind of fragile. If Duff takes Rayne away from him, more than likely he'll fall fast and hard. It would break him on a fundamental level. Rayne didn't do so well without Jimmy, either.

    Thank you, Daijahv. We really really appreciate the time you are taking with this.

  32. Ooooh... is it who I think it is? *Rushes forward to next chapter*

  33. Love Sydney's POV here, LOL about Cooper's 'awful older daughter'. Fascinating peek at her 'open' marriage. Charlie is kind of sexy in that 'older, sophisticated guy' kind of way. Like an old time movie star.

    Great to see Wyatt, his thoughts of Cady. He is way gone, and that is good to see. Great shots and atmos of the action.

    Rayne, always stirring the stick. And I also wonder how Jimmy deals with Rayne. She annoys me, is it okay to say that? LOL! Of course, if you liked every character, it would get boring pretty fast, and I assure you both, I am the farthest thing from bored.
    Interlacing, multi-faceted characters and plots, great job ladies~

  34. Thank you, Karen.

    Rayne is not a heroine LOL. She's a spoiled 19 year old with a history of manipulative, selfish behavior. She's also kind and loyal and vulnerable. Jimmy's no white knight, either; he brings out the best in Rayne, though.

    Sydney is the more difficult one to understand. There was something between Syd and Charlie at one time, but it's gone now.

    Wyatt is truly in love with Cadence.

    Thank you so much from both of us. Your support is really appreciated.

  35. Hmmm. Red hair? I'm thinking maybe Bailey? That was her name, right? The hot college teacher that Wyatt had the little thing with. Or I could be way off! LOL. Cadence is such a good girl for him though really, who else wouldn't get jealous about a thing like this, I'd be going freaking nuts! And yes, pink on Wyatt is awesome! :D

    I absolutely adore these shots. Every single one of them is just damned amazing, just when I think I've seen the best out of you guys, you prove me wrong! Love this update!

  36. Very good memory Emily! Bailey was so long ago that I am surprised anyone would remember her.

    Cadence is very confident in herself and her relationship with Wyatt. I won't say he is whipped but you know Cadence...and Wyatt, who would look good in burlap, truly loves her.

    Thank you from both of us Emily!